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BoJack returning Decapathon.

Henry is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. His only appearance was in Zoës and Zeldas in Season 1.

Physical Appearance[]

Henry is an adult male hippopotamus. He has a heavy build with a visible potbelly. He has yellow eyes with black pupils and pink eyelids.

While working at Beast Buy, he wears a uniform of a blue button-down collared polo shirt with a name tag, khaki pants, and shoes. He also wears a watch with a grey strap on his left hand.


Season 1[]

Henry is a sales associate at Beast Buy.

In Zoës and Zeldas, he was working the register, when BoJack bought the newly-released Decapathon game. Buying it was part of his scheme, to plant it in the bargain bin at 8-Twelve.

BoJack wanted to get Todd re-addicted to the game, to sabotage his rock opera Newtopia Rising, Book I: The Search for a New Utopia.

Henry was also working the register, when BoJack revisited the store, to return the game. BoJack said he lost the receipt, but Henry allowed him to return the game anyway, as he remembered seeing BoJack buy the game previously.

BoJack then used the refunded cash to pay Cecil and Margo Martindale for their assistance in the sabotage.


  • Henry seems oblivious to BoJack's true intent at purchasing the game and was not a part of the scheme to sabotage Todd's rock opera.