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Helena is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. She is one of the students in BoJack's Scene Study Class. She first appears in Intermediate Scene Study w/ BoJack Horseman, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Helena is a human woman with her black hair tied back in a ponytail. She has a curvier build.

According to the model sheets, she's 5 1/2 ft tall.

She wears a white turtleneck long-sleeved shirt, a green sweater tied around her neck, off-white jeans, and light grey loafers.


Not much is known about Helena's personality; however, she does express concern about BoJack's scene study class becoming too theoretical in Intermediate Scene Study w/ BoJack Horseman.


Season 6[]

In Intermediate Scene Study w/ BoJack Horseman, BoJack's first day of class he introduces himself to his new students. He then proceeds to ask the class what is acting. Everyone then proceeds to raise their hands at once. BoJack calls on a few of them and they each give their interpretation of what acting is.

A student named Helena expresses concern that the class is becoming too theoretical and another student asks him what acting is. BoJack acts like he doesn't know what acting is and then pretends to be leaving the class in defeat. He then turns around and tells them he's not quitting, he was just acting.

He then tells the class they are dismissed and a student points out there is an hour and twenty minutes left in the lecture. He then once again tells them he was acting. A different student tells BoJack he sounded serious. BoJack retorts that instead of judging his acting, he should judge the students instead.

Tawnie then suggests they could show him the scenes they were working on in the previous semester. The students then show him their scenes and he gives them pointers of where they need to improve. They wind up working overtime and being twenty minutes late to their next class. BoJack then dismisses them for the day.

Later, in class, BoJack has Princess Carolyn teach the class the business side of acting. The students then ask her various questions about getting discovered.


Helena and her classmates during their showcase in Intermediate Scene Study w/ BoJack Horseman

On the night of the showcase, backstage, BoJack sees the seat reserved for Hollyhock is empty and wonders where she is. The students tell BoJack they are ready when he is. He tells them to dim the lights. BoJack heads out and introduces the show saying the students have come a long way and he's proud of them. The performance begins.

After gong to Hollyhock's dorm to talk to her BoJack runs back to the auditorium as Terry is finishing his act. The students then tell him to join them on stage. One of them hands him flowers and BoJack thanks everyone for coming. The students then take a bow.


  • Her last name is never given.

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