Note: This character was a part of a dream and is not real.

Harper Horseman is BoJack and Charlotte's fictional daughter, during a drug-induced dream, BoJack has in Downer Ending, in Season 1.

Physical Appearance

Harper is a horse with tan fur and a blonde mane (like her "paternal grandmother" Beatrice), along with yellow freckles on her cheeks that she gets as a teenager.

She also has pale yellow fur on her mouth and a white diamond-like shaped marking in between her eyes.

As a newborn, she wears a purple onesie.

While swimming as a child, she wears a purple swimsuit with a green skirt and an orange carrot pattern.

While swimming as a teenager, she wears a purple, blue, and green swimsuit.


Season 1

In BoJack's dream, in Downer Ending, he imagines a life where he goes with Charlotte to Maine—instead of staying in Hollywoo, to become famous.

At the beginning of this sequence, BoJack is outside their log cabin. It was from a photo, Herb showed BoJack, of Charlotte standing in front of a cabin in Maine chopping wood.

Charlotte, his wife, calls him inside for dinner. After the two kiss BoJack asks if they could just stay this way forever. Charlotte then tells BoJack she's pregnant, to which BoJack reacts positively to, and the two kiss.

Winter becomes Summer, BoJack now has a newborn daughter named Harper, he is shown being a very loving and playful father with her.

She soon becomes a teenager with a boyfriend, they play in the pond in front of her home, as an old BoJack and Charlotte watch them.

BoJack asks Charlotte what she's thinking about. Charlotte responds "Oh, just how nice it could have been if you had chosen this life." BoJack then wakes up, from his drug-induced dream.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.31.46 PM

BoJack looking his daughter Harper.


  • In The Old Sugarman Place, it is revealed that Harper is "named" after Harper's Landing, Michigan, where BoJack’s maternal grandparents owned a summer home (a lakeside cabin) that he (and his mother and maternal uncle) spent summers at as a child.
  • Harper was voiced by Kristen Schall, who also voiced Sarah Lynn. BoJack was a father figure to both of them. Although Harper is fictional and Sarah Lynn was real.
  • Her fur and mane color are similar to her paternal grandmother Beatrice’s.
  • She is the first fictional child on the show, the second being Ruthie.
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