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Welcome to Harper's Landing, Michigan. Where families used to vacation before the popularization of air travel to more exciting places.

—The town's sign

Harper's Landing is an area in Michigan, most notably, it was the location of the Sugarman family's summer home that Beatrice Sugarman and BoJack Horseman visited in the summers during their childhoods with their families.

Physical Appearance[]

Harper's Landing has a small town, although the only known store is the hardware store, Hammerhead Hardware. Its employees include two girls named Tamera and Tamara, and a donkey named Phil.


The barn restaurant

There is also a restaurant located in a barn that is owned by two crab brothers, who will steal anything they can get their hands on, including the weather vane on the Sugarman's lake house. It appears to be a short driving distance from the Sugarman summer house.



Harper's Landing first appears in The Old Sugarman Place.

S4E2 BoJack pulls up to the summer home

The Sugarman Summer Home

In 1945, BoJack's maternal grandmother, Honey Sugarman, had a mental breakdown over the death of her son Crackerjack.

S4E2 Beatrice and Honey crash into a gas station

Honey and her daughter Beatrice crashing into the gas station, 1945

A short way from the barn is a gas station. After she broke down and got drunk, Honey made to her daughter Beatrice drive them home, which resulted in them crashing into a shed next to the gas station.

Beatrice also apparently carried this tradition of staying at the lake house. She stayed there with her son, BoJack, as she is pictured with him as a child and her husband, Butterscotch, sitting outside on the porch. The lake house, however, is depleted and has not been used in twenty-five years.

Season 4[]

In The Old Sugarman Place, BoJack runs away from L.A. and squats in his maternal grandparents' old summer home, a lake house in the woods.

Eddie, a dragonfly, lives next door to the lake house. He and his wife Lorraine were also married at the barn. He helps BoJack repair the house over a course of eight months. BoJack later decides, to have it demolished shortly afterward, as a means of getting rid of his past demons.

S4E2 Gas station present day

The gas station in 2017


  • Harper is also the name of BoJack Horseman's fictional daughter in his dream where he marries Charlotte Carson.
  • In the present day, the gas station appears to still be operating, but there is still a hole in the shed where Honey and Beatrice crashed their car. It is unknown why that particular hole from seventy-two years ago has not yet been repaired.
    This image shows a framed photograph including Beatrice, Butterscotch, and BoJack as a child, which confirms that BoJack has visited the Harper's Landing summer home during his childhood.

    Picture showing BoJack as a child at the summer home