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Guy is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He is a freelance cameraman from Chicago introduced in Feel-Good Story in Season 6, where he and Diane work together for Girl Croosh and begin dating. By the finale, he and Diane are living in Houston and are married. 

Physical Appearance []

Guy is a American bison at roughly 6 ft tall, with dark brown fur, curly hair and a long goatee, with lighter brown fur around his eyes and in his hair and goatee, and horns on top of his head and a gold piercing in his left ear.

He is seen wearing a checkered red and green button-down shirt, dark blue pants, and grey work boots. He also wears an orange fur-lined coat.


Guy appears to be friendly, caring, supportive, and sensitive with a laid-back personality.

Guy is currently dealing with his own life issues and problems with ex wife Lady and his son Sonny. However, he is concerned about Diane's well-being and does show her his support. He encourages her with writing her book and managing her depression, including her taking antidepressants, telling her she’s the most beautiful person in the world to him when she’s hesitant to take them, and he’s shown having no issue with the fact she gains weight from them.

At first, he was hesitant in calling Diane his girlfriend in front of his friends.

Also, when Sonny showed up unexpectedly while Diane was in the bathroom Guy had her crawl out the window and he threw her suitcase down to her because he didn’t want Sonny to know he was dating someone and he knew his son was sensitive and was not ready to introduce them yet. Several months later when Diane calls him out for not introducing his son to her, he finally agrees to introduce him to her, which starts of hostile on Sonny's end but he eventually warms up to her.

According to Sonny, Guy apparently had a thing for broken women, then leaves them after he nurses them back to health and they regain their confidence. This may have been the case with him and Lady, or that latter of whom may have told this to her son to paint his dad in a negative light, as Sonny was apparently ambivalent to the fact they fight all the time and was convinced his parents would get back together.

Even though he and his ex-wife Lady are not on good terms and argue a lot, he doesn’t appear to full on hate her as while he’s annoyed that she’s moving to Houston and taking Sonny with her he admits to Diane he’s still glad for her since it’s her dream job.

Guy and Diane end up getting married by the end of the series.



Guy has lived in Chicago for presumably a long time. He was previously married to a woman named Lady and has a son named Sonny with her, who at the time of Season 6 is a teenager in high school. The two eventually had what appears to be a nasty divorce with Lady having custody of Sonny the latter of whom did not take their divorce well.

Season 6[]

In Feel-Good Story, Diane and the cameraman Guy are out filming for a segment of Girl Croosh called Crooshing USA. The farmer they are interviewing asks what does "Crooshing" mean. Diane tells him "Crooshness" is hard to define.

The farmer then says he's always trying to get more girls interested in agriculture. Diane then asks him about his potato farm which is also a front for a sex trafficking ring.

Diane then questions how he got into sex trafficking, and the farmer then runs off. Guy then says he's probably not getting his microphone back.

They then go on to cover stories about botched botulism at a Michigan resort, a jewelry store whose jewelry gives humans ringworm, and a story about clean drinking water. Guy and Diane are then at the bar discussing the clean water situation. There is then a montage of them covering other various news stories.

They then arrive at the hotel, and realize there is just one bed, Guy says he should go down and complain to the front desk. Diane then kisses him and says it's a good bed. Diane is then waking up next to Guy in the

The next day, Diane and Guy are packing up. Guy tries calling his son who refuses to talk to his father. Guy is seen kicking his suitcase in frustration.

Diane and Guy are driving in the Girl Croosh van when Guy says he's only in Chicago for a week and doesn't think it's selfish to want to see his son. Diane points out he could have at least given his ex some notice first. Diane then changes the subject and tells him to look out the window.

Guy then says they are driving through the second big, muddy, big-shoulders city by the lake. He then points out Willis Tower and the new Whitewhale Building. Diane then asks how Guy could be excited about a huge cooperation like Whitewhale setting up shop in his home town. Guy is just excited there is a new building in his home town. He then says, "in your face, Dubai." This causes Diane to laugh.

Guy and Diane are then eating lunch at Parmadillo's. Guy asks what she thinks of the sandwich. Diane says it isn't bad. Stefani then calls asking Diane, saying that while she loves the serious stories Diane is covering, she would like some more feel-good stories as well. Diane counters this, by saying the stories they are covering are really making a difference. Stefani tells Diane that the serious news is bumming her out.

Guy then suggests they could do a story on the little girl who set up a lemonade stand to pay for her father's cancer treatment. Diane says that's not a feel-good story because this nation does not have subsidized healthcare, and therefore a child had to go join the workforce to pay for her father's cancer treatment to keep him alive.

Guy then gives her another headline, "local cameraman has a pretty good thing going on where he gets to travel all over the country; and fool around in hotel rooms with his beautiful, smart feisty producer and he's pretty sure this passionate intelligent warrior for truth, likes it too. So maybe these two knuckleheads should put their pride aside for a second, and make some feel-good videos." Diane smiles at this and she and Guy hold hands.


Filming Every Animal Girl Company segment

Diane and Guy then go and cover the Every Animal Girl Company. The ladies who own it tell Diane they are two best friends who started a doll company because they got tired of seeing dolls, that showed unrealistic beauty standards. Diane then asks if their dolls are made from recyclable materials. The ladies both start giggling nervously and talking over each other. They tell Diane they were purchased by Toys Galore with is a subsidiary of Whitewhale.

Diane says it must be exciting for them to be bought out by a huge conglomerate and watch their company grow. Diane then further presses them on the recycled materials. They say their main focus is empowering young girls. They also say they are closing the main Chicago factory, so that they can relocate overseas, for cheaper labor just before the holidays. Guy reminds her that they are supposed to stick to feel-good stories. Diane then says it is an exciting and empowering time for them.

Afterward, Diane asks Guy if he can edit that down, into something "feel-goody." Guy says he can but it'll be late, as he is having friends over to watch the game. Diane then says she's freezing and Guy hands her his coat. Diane then asks if it is the Chicago Baby Humans game, and Guy confirms that it is.

Diane reacts with discomfort upon seeing the mascot character on TV, despite Guy's attempts to comfort her by saying the character is a reference to her "proud human heritage," echoing the real-life surrounding sports teams that use Native American mascots.

Guy then awkwardly introduces Diane to his friends, as the women he works with. Diane then runs off to the restroom, saying she'll be right back. The doorbell rings and Guy goes to answer it. Diane washes her face and gets ready to come out of the restroom when Guy comes in.

Guy comes in apologizing. Diane at first thinks it's because they are not ready to put a label on their relationship. Guy then says his son's speech and debate tournament was canceled, and he showed up, catching Guy off guard. Guy then explains that he doesn't bring his son around women unless it's serious.

He then tells Diane, she needs to escape through the bathroom window, and that she should stay in a hotel. Diane agrees that makes sense, and complements his home, before escaping. Diane lands in some bushes and runs to grab her suitcase.

Later, at the Whitewhale building, Diane and Guy attend a meeting. Guy tries to apologize for the previous night, and Diane replies that they should just watch the movie.

The movie explains how Whitewhale got their start, through vertical integration and the oligopoly. The video then tells them they have also been "gobbled up" by Whitewhale. Diane then asks if they are supposed to be charmed by this. They are then given binders of their sister companies and are told to be mindful of them as they spew their content.

Diane and Guy then go to Parmadillo's to review the binders. Diane asks if he thinks Whitewhale bought Girl Croosh just to kill their video. Guy then says Diane couldn't have just made a feel-good video about best friends starting a business together. Diane says maybe it's for the best and Guy can get a new job in Chicago and spend more time with his kid. Guy then asks Diane about the book of essays she wants to write. She then tells him the ridiculously long working title. Guy then points out she should save something, for the inside of her book.

Diane then says, she guesses that's it for their relationship. Guy then says unless that's not the end just yet. Diane questions what he means. Guy then suggests doing a video about anything they wanted and then posting it on the website, before Whitewhale realizes they still have all the passwords. Diane then suggests they do a video about Whitewhale. She then gets excited at the prospect of taking Whitewhale down.

They then go to the art museum to talk discreetly, to a reporter from the Tribune, named Isabel. Isabel then makes a reference to The Great Gatsby, which confuses Diane. Isabell retorts Diane should read a book. Guy then tells her that she should be nice. Isabel says she wishes she had the energy.

Her obsession destroyed her relationships and obliterated her career for nothing. She had one contact on the warehouse floor, Matt Minnowman. Isabel says maybe that's their story. Diane questions why isn't it Isabel's story. Isabel says her editor thought she was becoming too obsessed with the Whitewhale beat so he moved her to the Holiday gift guide desk.

Diane says she can't believe they found a lead, as they leave the museum. She then questions how it's so cold outside in October. Guy tells her there are only two seasons in Chicago: cold and extreme humidity. He then tells her she'll learn to love it.

Diane and Guy then take a romantic walk through the snow on their way home.

Diane is then staying up late, doing a Poodle search on Matt Minnowman. She finds out he died in an accident when he was staying late at work. Diane tells Guy he died when he was trying to expose working conditions in the warehouse.

Guy and Diane then interview various employees and do their own research. According to the employees, they left Matt Minnowman's body outside, as a warning to the other workers. They are then working from home, and Guy says he doesn't think they can attribute it to intentional cruelty, it's callousness. Diane asks can't it be both. Guy elaborates, saying Whitewhale isn't evil they are just capitalists. Diane then asks what the difference is.

Diane then gets a call from Whitewhale to meet the next day, and to bring their camera with them. Diane questions if Whitewhale is on to them, why would they want to meet. Guy says he guesses they'll find out and Diane says she's weirdly excited. Guy then gives Diane a coat. Diane says she loves it, but she would not get much use of a coat like that in L.A. Guy then tells her it's for Chicago. Diane then questions if this is Guy's way of asking her to move to Chicago. He jokingly says not everything has a hidden meaning or conspiracy behind it; sometimes a coat is just a coat.

Guy then questions Diane on why she should go back to L.A. Diane says it's because she lives there. Guy says there is nothing for her in L.A. anymore. Guy then asks why she is punishing herself. Diane tries to say she isn't, but Guy cuts her off and says he also has to suffer every time Diane needs to borrow his coat. Diane sarcastically asks if that inconveniences him. Guy then asks why he has to suffer because Diane has this ideological objection to feeling good.

Diane says she would love the luxury of feeling good about herself. She then says that it must be really nice for Guy to feel good about himself, while the world burns around him. Guy tells Diane it's not about the world, it's about their relationship. Diane then asks what exactly they are relationship-wise. She wonders if she's his girlfriend or just some woman he works with. Diane then leaves the new coat with Guy and says she's checking back into the hotel.

The next day they meet at Whitewhale. Diane says she didn't know if he would come. Guy hands her the new coat and says they have a job to do. Guy records a video of their meeting. Whitewhale says he doesn't know what kind of video they are making, but he doesn't mind. Diane says he can't stop them. Whitewhale reiterates he doesn't want to stop them.

Whitewhale explains when people put out videos or media calling his company evil, people think their business is uncompromised by morality, and their stocks go up. Diane then questions this, saying it doesn't bother his shareholders, that one of his employees died in an accident.

Whitewhale then questions what Diane is referring too. She brings up Matt Minnowman and shows Whitewhale his picture. Whitewhale admits to the murder of Minnowman. Whitewhale then says Minnowman took too many bathroom breaks and encouraged the other employees to do so as well. Diane then asks Whitewhale if he's not worried about this getting leaked, especially now, when they are recording him.

Whitewhale then informs her congress passed a bill legalizing murder if you are rich. Diane checks the news on her phone in disbelief and realizes it's true. Whitewhale suggests Diane could become rich and murder him. He then offers them gift bags on their way out.

At the train station, Guy says they could still post the video. Diane says there would be no point in doing that. Guy says it has been real and he's not going to be the guy who begs her to stay. He says their life together would be really good if she chose to stay, though.

Diane says she can't stay with Guy, if he is the only good thing in her life, as she feels it is too much pressure. Diane then boards the train, and Guy tells her she is going to get screwed, as she wanted to go to the airport and that train is going to Cottage Grove.

Diane finally arrives back in L.A.

The episode ends with Guy picking up the phone and she narrates to him a story, about how when she first moved to L.A., she used to make herself grilled cheese sandwiches. Diane goes on to say, she was dirt-broke and didn't have friends or a job, but she got obsessed with the art of perfecting her grilled cheese sandwich. She says it was a good distraction from how miserable she was, and partly because it was cheap. Diane says she wants to make a grilled cheese sandwich again, because she loves them, and the best part is that they can be made anywhere. Guy and Diane then both smile at this.

In Surprise!, he is mentioned by Diane when she explains why she's moving to Chicago to BoJack.

In A Little Uneven, Is All, in Chicago, Guy thanks Diane for making breakfast. They hold hands, and he asks if she's working on her memoir. She confirms that was the plan. She then nervously makes an excuse about having to wash the dishes, saying the task will take all morning, and once the morning is over the whole day will be shot. Guy tries to comfort her, by saying he knows starting new things is hard, but the hardest part is starting. She admits he's right. He also reminds her that he is a freelance cameraman who pays child support. Guy then advises her to get an advance, if she could.

Diane is later typing on her laptop, in the kitchen. Guy says he's glad to see her work. She panics and slams the laptop closed, saying she doesn't want him looking at it yet. She then apologizes, saying she was really into it. Guy asks if it's going well, and she says he was right, once she started it was easy. Diane then goes on to say, that so much of her career has been writing for and about other people, and how terrible everything is. Diane says writing about herself is refreshing.

Guy says he doesn't want to interrupt her flow and exits the kitchen.

In The Kidney Stays in the Picture, Todd's stepfather Jorge wakes up in Chicago, in Guy and Diane's apartment, after being knocked out and kidnapped by Todd. Todd, Diane, and Guy are talking about the holiday party at Whitewhale, and sneaking in. Diane and Guy introduce themselves and inform him he was kidnapped across state lines. Jorge is angered by all this. Todd throws his arms up in the air excitedly and says they are going to break into the Whitewhale building. Jorge asks why. Todd says so they can get his kidney back and save his mother.

Todd says he also wants to prove to Jorge once and for all he is not some "wacky screw-up who engages primarily in goofy whimsical mess-arounds." Jorge asks how they got him on the plane and Todd tells him they did a Weekend At Bernie's. Todd then shows him pictures on his phone, where he put sunglasses on Jorge, and then they were on the plane and went sightseeing. Jorge then groans at this.

Diane then brings them back to the topic of the holiday party at Whitewhale. She tells Todd she can use her employee ID to get in, as she is still technically on the payroll. Guy asks Diane why she didn't quit, as they haven't worked there in months. Diane says nobody's noticed and they still keep sending her checks. Diane explains cashing them is her way of gradually "taking the man down" from the inside.

Guy pulls Diane aside so they can talk in private. In the restroom, Guy asks Diane if this is the best use of her time. He says he knows she's been beating herself up because the writing process of the book has been going slowly. Diane then says the book is about her living her life, so by living her life, she is, in fact, working on the book. Guy tells her if she doesn't have to write the book if she doesn't want to.

Diane says, of course, she wants to. Guy tells her she's been pretty down on herself. Diane then says actually "pretty down" is herself. Diane says they are being rude to her guests and she suggests Guy offers them one of his fancy beers.

In the living room, Todd is strategizing with Jorge about their plan for getting the kidney back. Todd says they need to sneak into the party, find out where the kidneys are, retrieve his kidney, and sneak out all without drawing attention to themselves. Guy and Diane walk back in, and Guy cautions them saying if Jeremiah Whitewhale catches them, he is legally allowed to murder them.

Diane is watching the shadows of Jorge and Todd from the parking ramp through a pair of binoculars and wonders what they are talking about. Diane then notices the security guard riding up the elevator. Diane tries to call the Chavezes on her walkie-talkie. The other walkie talkie is seen in the dish rack in the kitchen of the apartment. Guy picks it up and asks why the walkie-talkie is in the kitchen.

A man yells at Diane, letting her know she can't be in the parking ramp, as it's for customers only. Diane says she'll buy a pretzel. The man tells her she can just leave, and Diane says now she wants the pretzel. Guy then asks her to bring him a pretzel too over the walkie-talkie.

In The Face of Depression, in Chicago, as Guy is getting ready to go to the Galapagos to film a photoshoot, he voices his concern to Diane about leaving, as she hasn’t been writing and her psychiatrist said she’s depressed and has prescribed her antidepressants.

However, Diane refuses to take them, claiming that while she is a little depressed doesn’t mean she has depression, and she was put on Prozac in college and she felt worse—she became calm and boring, Dawson’s Creek got bad, and she broke out and gained weight. She worries about Guy coming back and not even recognizing her, but he says he barely recognizes her now. Before he leaves, he assures Diane she’s the most beautiful person in the world to him.

In Chicago, Diane, still in her pajamas and surrounded by empty pizza boxes, coffee cups, and beer bottles watching Mr. Peanutbutter and Joey's PSA for depression as she eats a bag of potato chips. She hears the doorbell and to her surprise it’s BoJack. He asks if he can come in, but, not wanting him to see her messy living room, Diane lies that the heat is broken and suggests they go for a walk.

They go to Parmadillo's where Diane insists that she’s doing great when BoJack asks, but when BoJack asks if he can stay at her place for the night she abruptly yells no. There is a cut back to the two of them in Diane's messy living room. Diane admits she thinks she depressed.

She goes on to say it started when she was having difficulty starting her book which then snowballed into her boyfriend saying she should take antidepressants. She explains she doesn’t see a point in taking them because she worries it’ll just be like flipping over something only to find a bunch of "nothings." She even says Guy will probably dump her soon anyways because he probably can’t take that much more of "the real her." When BoJack questions what she means by "the real her" and she gestures around the messy room in response.

In Chicago, Guy is seen at the airport, returning from the photo shoot. Diane is seen among the crowd of people—she has gained a significant amount of weight but looks happy, and holds up a sign reading "Dawson's Creek Was Always Bad,"—presumably meaning she began taking her antidepressants. Guy smiles at her, and she smiles back in return.

In Good Damage, Diane and Guy are watching a Chicago Baby Humans game. Guy tells Diane she should try a Chicago style baked potato. She then questions why everything has to be "Chicago style" as it's obvious they are in Chicago. Guy tells her to just try it.

Diane notices the fork and knife are individually wrapped in plastic and goes on a rant about the plastic industry and how the Baby Humans are owned by the CEO of Plastico and therefore they are complicit in the money-laundering scheme that is also killing the planet. She then accepts this by saying what are they going to do about it as she shrugs and smiles.

Diane is then seen on her antidepressants and appears to be much calmer and content with her everyday life. However, she is seen still struggling to get a start on her memoir.

Later, Guy comes into their bedroom and says good morning and asks if she wants to go to the museum. Diane says she'd love to, however, she needs to start working on her book. She tells Guy she'll go with him next time. Guy then says he will play video games all day and gives her a kiss before leaving the room. Diane then stares at her laptop screen with tension on her face.

Diane is sitting in bed trying to work on her book. She tells Guy his whistling is distracting her from work and she couldn't sleep last night. He then encourages her to keep going with her work. Guy later returns and asks her how her progress was on her work. Diane questions what he means. Guy then says he thought she was going to write today. Diane looks out the window and realizes it's night time. Diane says she was thinking her thoughts and then bursts into tears. She then heads to the bathroom and vomits in a plant.

Guy then tells her maybe she should stop for the day and try again tomorrow. Diane then says she has got to get back to work. She once again tries to sort through her thoughts but gets overwhelmed and starts breathing heavily. Guy then comes into the kitchen and asks her what's going on. She responds that her chest feels heavy and then breaks down and admits to Guy she stopped taking her medication. He asks her why.

She tells him she is terrible and breaks down crying saying she deserves this. Guy then tells her she is going through withdrawal. She then asks if she is going to need to be on drugs forever. Guy tells her to take her pills again and when she feels better they can think of a different strategy.

Later, when Diane has started taking her medication again Guy asks her how she's feeling. She tells him she feels a little better. Diane then apologizes for being stressed and says maybe she should call Princess Carolyn and ask for more time. Guy tells her before she does that he has to tell her something. He makes her promise she won't be mad. He then confesses he sent Princess Carolyn the Ivy Tran pages as Diane receives a phone call from Princess Carolyn.

Princess Carolyn tells Diane over the phone that she loved the Ivy Tran pages and she sees merchandise potential and she pitched it to a few studios. Diane protests saying that's not the book she wanted to write. Princess Carolyn says she's hearing a "maybe" as she hangs up.

Guy then asks if they will have a "Boston-style fight" which Diane smiles at.

In Xerox of a Xerox, Guy tells Diane who is sitting at her laptop that they are really hyping up the BoJack interview. He then asks Diane if she'll watch it. Diane says she needs to be focused on her book and the mall-related mysteries aren't going to solve themselves. Also, she has spent enough time focused on BoJack. Guy tells her that sounds like a very emotionally healthy woman.

Diane goes on to say they already know what BoJack will say in the story and goes on to list what she thinks he'll say in the interview. Guy then remarks Diane sounds real done with it as he shakes his head.

Later, Diane and Guy are having lunch at Parmadillo's and Guy notices Diane isn't listening to what he's saying and watching the news segment with BoJack and Biscuits. Guy then tells her if she wants to watch it's OK since BoJack is her friend and this is a really big deal for him. He goes on to say Diane doesn't really talk about herself or her past with him. Diane says she doesn't want to get dragged back into that other stuff. Diane then retorts she has been living in Chicago for six months and she still hasn't met Guy's son. Guy then tells her she can meet Sonny tomorrow.

At Parmadillos, Diane is finally introduced to Sonny by Guy. She tells him it's nice to finally meet him. Guy and Diane congratulate Sonny for making the Varsity lacrosse team when they see him wearing his new jacket. Guy then leaves to get cheese fries and while he's gone Sonny asks Diane what her deal is. He goes on to say his father has a thing for broken women and they leave after he nurses them back to health.

Diane then asks if his father thinks she's going to leave him. Sonny responds it doesn't matter because his parents are still in love and going to get back together. Diane says that his parents hate each other and they fight all the time. Sonny then bursts into tears and Diane detracts her statement about his parents hating each other. Guy arrives back with their food and says he was gone for two minutes.

In Angela, Diane goes to the book signing for her book Ivy Tran, Food Court Detective. Diane then gets a call from Guy. Guy tells Diane that his ex-wife Lady is moving to Houston for her dream job and taking Sonny with her as she has full custody of him. Diane then tells Guy she can write anywhere and she's sure they need cameramen in Houston. Guy says he couldn't ask that of Diane and Diane says if Sonny's going to Houston they will also go to Houston.

In Nice While It Lasted, it is revealed Diane and Guy are now married and have moved to Houston when Diane is talking to BoJack on the roof.



Episode Appearances[]

Season 6[]


  • Guy being a male bison who lives in Chicago could be a pun as he is a Chicago bull, which is the name of a basketball team from Chicago.
  • Guy and his ex-wife and son, Lady and Sonny respectively, all have gendered titles as names—Guy and Lady are literally a guy and a lady and Sonny is their son.
  • His surname is unknown.