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These are the quotes said by Groundhog Counselor.

Season 6[]

A Horse Walks Into Rehab[]

The New Client[]

Groundhog Counselor: So here I am, digging a hole

[Princess Carolyn stumbles in the entrances, drowsily]

Princess Carolyn: Fiji! I mean—excuse me! I have to pick up my Peanutbutter at Pastiches and get back to Fiji for the Bee Gees—I mean Fuji for the Mujis.

Groundhog Counselor: Your arm looks pretty ripped up, is that all from needles?

Princess Carolyn: Yeah, my baby's needles

Groundhog Counselor: Listen, we're about to go have some chamomile tea [snatches Princess Carolyn's card without her noticing] and do a little guided meditation, why don't you join us?

Princess Carolyn: Well I guess a quick break couldn't hurt.

[Groundhog Counselor takes his camera and snaps a picture of himself, Princess Carolyn, and another receptionist to hang up on their wall. The scene cuts to sunset as one of the workers puts Princess Carolyn on a bench, she sighs and falls asleep]