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The Groundhog Counselor is a minor, recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He works behind the reception desk at Pastiches Malibu. His first appearance is in A Horse Walks into a Rehab, in Season 6.


The Groundhog Counselor is a friendly groundhog. Little else is known about him.

Physical Appearance[]

The Groundhog Counselor is a male groundhog with light brown and white fur and a black snout. He has black pupils and thin eyebrows.

He wears a Pastiches Malibu uniform consisting of a teal collared button-down short-sleeved polo shirt with a bird monogram logo on it, a pair of khaki shorts with a brown belt, green and brown loafers.


Season 6[]

In A Horse Walks into a Rehab, BoJack is ringing the bell, at the reception desk at Pastiches Malibu Rehabilitation Center. The male groundhog receptionist startles BoJack, by popping up from behind the desk. He then enthusiastically welcomes BoJack to the facility. The receptionist then tells BoJack to pay $100,000 for his six-week package.

BoJack then retorts, by asking if every room comes with a free bag of $90,000. The groundhog tells him, that one cannot put a price on clean living. BoJack counters yet, Pastiches has found a way to do just that.

The groundhog then pulls out his camera and asks BoJack for a selfie. BoJack says no to this. The receptionist's face falls, as he tells BoJack that every client takes a picture with him for his corkboard, as a tradition. BoJack then says that he is not in the mood and he looks awful.

The groundhog then tells BoJack about other celebrities, who checked into Pastiches and had their pictures taken. He says they were all in the same or worse condition BoJack when they arrived at the facility. BoJack then asks the groundhog to show him to his room, and leave him alone, so he can begin the process of healing. The groundhog then apologizes.

Later, after sneaking out with Jameson H., BoJack then goes to the front desk and admits he snuck out of rehab. He asks if there is punishment like kitchen cleanup duty. The groundhog sarcastically says that everyone who has been in the facility before is humble enough to take a photo with him. BoJack says to sign him up for six weeks, and then finally gives in to taking the selfie.

In The New Client, Princess Carolyn then arrives at Pastiches Malibu, looking for Mr. Peanutbutter. The receptionist notices Princess Carolyn's arm has poke marks from needles. She explains they are from her baby's quills. Princess Carolyn is then offered chamomile tea and meditation by the receptionist.

In Surprise!, Diane goes to Pastiches to visit BoJack. The groundhog receptionist tells her she is too late because BoJack has gone to a party for the evening. He gives her the address. Diane then expresses concern that BoJack might have gone to a party with alcohol. The groundhog explains it is a lame party without alcohol, and BoJack was sent with a trained sober companion, who will keep him out of trouble.

In A Little Uneven, Is All, he is seen behind the reception desk when BoJack goes into the art room to retrieve the vodka-filled water bottle.

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  • According to the model sheets, he is named as being a counselor. However, this is never specified within the series as his only episode appearances are from behind the reception desk at Pastiches so it is unclear if he was supposed to have a larger role.
  • His real name is never given.
  • He has a corkboard where he takes selfies with each new client as a tradition. Some of these include:
  • He has interacted with all of the main characters.