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Griffith Park Observatory is a prominent and recurring location in BoJack Horseman that is based on the real observatory of the same name. It is first seen in The Telescope, in Season 1, but makes a very prominent appearance in That's Too Much, Man!.

Physical Appearance[]

Griffith Park Observatory is a white dome-shaped building with a glass ceiling. There is a balcony from which a view of the city can be seen.

The interior has a planetarium.



In The Telescope, a flashback shows both BoJack and Herb were both stand-up comedians, trying to make it big in Hollywood, during the 1980s.

One night, network executives from ABC catch one of Herb's routines and are impressed. Herb, BoJack, and Herb's girlfriend Charlotte are invited to a party by the executives.


Younger BoJack and Herb stand on the balcony in The Telescope

BoJack, while glad for Herb, is disappointed that his big break has not arrived yet. Charlotte assures him it'll come, but what she's actually worried about, is how fame will change him. She walks him over to see the tar pits across from the party, saying "L.A. is a pretty town on top of black tar, and by the time you realize you're sinking, it's too late."

BoJack doesn't seem to understand, and he asks if this is a science lesson. When she tells him it's a metaphor, he groans in response, saying that's even worse. Charlotte then reveals she's moving to Maine, to BoJack's shock. When he asks if Herb knows, she says he does, and that she doesn't think she's the person he's looking for. BoJack says, he'll miss her. Charlotte then asks him if he would have made a move on her if Herb hadn't met her first. She continues, saying she doesn't think BoJack would have because she thinks "[he's] a coward."

In a flashback at the planetarium, Herb reveals to BoJack they bought his Horsin' Around show idea. BoJack is at first saddened he is being left behind, but Herb surprises BoJack, by saying he only agreed to the deal if they agreed to let BoJack be the star. BoJack is enthralled by this news. Herb then kisses BoJack, but then quickly takes it back, insisting he's not gay. The two then celebrate their upcoming fame and wealth.

Their friendship is shown to have become strained due to BoJack has let fame get to him; becoming narcissistic and difficult to work with, arguing with the writers. He has also started smoking and drinking heavily.

Herb is caught doing "lewd acts with another man," in a police sting, effectively outing his sexual orientation to the media.

An outraged public pressures the network, and Herb wants BoJack to back him up when the executives inevitably seek to fire him. BoJack agrees, admitting he wouldn't have his success if it weren't for Herb and that he would threaten to walk off the show. Ultimately, BoJack is talked down by the intimidating head of the executives, Angela Diaz, and continues to do the show while Herb is fired.

Season 1[]

In The Telescope, in the present-day, while visiting Herb, BoJack picks up a telescope on his way out that Herb had given him on the exact day Herb told him Horsin' Around was being picked up. This sets off Herb—demanding BoJack leave the telescope, and when he refuses, the two get into a physical altercation. Diane then separates them.

Herb then begins to tell BoJack off again, saying while he thinks of himself as the good guy, he's actually nothing but a selfish coward who takes what he wants and doesn't give a shit about who he hurts. BoJack says he doesn't know why he came here. Herb says, “Yes, you do," as his nurse, Tina Bear helps him back to his room. Diane and BoJack subsequently leave.

In Later, the episode ends with BoJack returning to the Griffith Park Observatory, where his success with Horsin' Around began. He signs an autograph for a young horse who says BoJack is his hero. Surprised at the remark, BoJack continues to stare out at the city.

Season 3[]

In That's Too Much, Man!, Sarah Lynn wakes up and is shown to have a more calm and positive life ever since she went sober. She is about to mark off her ninth month of being sober on her sobriety calendar when BoJack calls her and asks her if she wants to party. She immediately accepts and downs a bottle of vodka.

Sarah Lynn reveals to BoJack when he comes over and he asks about getting drugs, that her whole house has hidden drugs. Also, she reveals she has the liquor store deliver alcohol to her home. They then proceed to drink and do drugs, as they reminisce and watch old episodes of Horsin' Around. However, BoJack begins to experience blackouts.

After a few blackouts, in which Sarah Lynn asks to go to the planetarium twice, only for BoJack to reject her as he thinks dome-shaped buildings are dumb. They end up at an AA meeting because Sarah Lynn wants to get her nine-month sobriety chip.

Later, BoJack has a series of blackouts that transition him and Sarah Lynn to different locations. While this happens, he reminisces on their time together on Horsin' Around, and tells Sarah Lynn he feels like she's the only one who understands him. He elaborates, saying they can be friends because they're the only two people who knew each other before they were famous, and they like each other for who they really are.

BoJack continues this speech, as the scene transitions, to the two of them laying on a hotel bed at nighttime. BoJack says they don't want anything from each other, and he tells Sarah Lynn he loves her. She doesn't respond, and he panics, but she comes to and complains about being bored.

She turns on the TV and discovers the Oscars are on, to BoJack's surprise as he discovers how long they were actually on the bender. Sarah Lynn states she loves the glitz and glam of the Oscars. Sarah Lynn wins the Oscar for Best Original Song, which makes her overjoyed, but then regretful as she wasn't there to receive it. She tells BoJack if someone had told her as a kid she'd win an Oscar, she wouldn't have believed it, but now she has, and she cuts herself off.

Sarah Lynn tells BoJack she doesn't like anything about herself, and everything about her is fake and "not her." She says even her shirt came from a company who paid her $8,000 to wear it, despite her not needing the money, she just likes that someone still cared about her enough to want her to wear their shirt. BoJack tries to comfort her, but Sarah Lynn begins to panic, thinking she and everyone else is doomed. BoJack calms her down and finally agrees to take her to the planetarium.

Screenshot (3249)

We are not doomed

BoJack and Sarah Lynn are then seen in the planetarium (as silhouettes) watching a show. Sarah Lynn is impressed by the dome shape of the building, and she rests her head on BoJack's shoulder and says "I wanna be an architect." This is the same statement, she made to her mother as a child, in a flashback from Prickly-Muffin. The narrator says, their lives are but short flashes in a universe, that is billions of years old.

Screenshot (2773)

BoJack tells Sarah Lynn there's nothing to worry about because it doesn't matter what you did in the past or how you'll be remembered, all that matter is this precious moment that they are sharing together. He asks if she agrees, but she doesn't respond. He nudges her and says her name multiple times, but Sarah Lynn never responds...

Screenshot (2778)

Don't Stop Dancing 'Til The Curtains Fall

Season 5[]

In The Showstopper, it appears in BoJack's hallucination during Don't Stop Dancing 'Til The Curtains Fall sung by Gina Cazador.

Season 6[]

In A Horse Walks into a Rehab, the episode starts with a flashback from 2016, which shows the circumstances surrounding Sarah Lynn's death. BoJack's voice is heard, calling out Sarah Lynn's name twice. He is then seen standing outside the planetarium. A stretcher is being wheeled into an ambulance.

BoJack then heads over to the hospital where he tells Sarah Lynn's mother, Carol, and stepfather he got a phone call from Sarah Lynn and she sounded a little off. He then says he found Sarah Lynn passed out, and called an ambulance, but he was too late. Carol then says it's all her fault, and she's a terrible mother. Her husband tries to comfort her, saying no one is at fault, as they walk away.

BoJack is then approached by Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface, who questions him if he might have any idea, where Sarah Lynn might have gotten the heroin from. Fuzzyface says he has no further questions from BoJack. BoJack responds he has no idea, however, he does know she was doing a lot of drugs. BoJack says that's just who they both were as people. He elaborates, saying they both thought they could party forever, and it wouldn't catch up with them.

BoJack says he was in a bad way of life, and Sarah Lynn followed him down that path because she thought he was a safe place. BoJack then questions what he has done. Fuzzyface says he gets what BoJack is saying, but the case is now closed, and BoJack can stop rambling. Fuzzyface then walks off. BoJack says he needs to make changes to his life—starting right then. He then goes to his car and opens the door and drugs, notably heroin, several empty bottles, and a bottle of liquor fall out. BoJack quickly picks up the bottle and chugs the contents.

In Nice While It Lasted, Mr. Peanutbutter picks up BoJack from prison for Princess Carolyn and Judah's wedding. They drive up to Griffith Park Observatory and BoJack questions if this is where the wedding is happening. Mr. Peanutbutter explains they are here for a press conference that is on the way to the wedding. BoJack then says he can't be there as the paparazzi snap pictures of them.

Mr. Peanutbutter then announces that the "D" in the Hollywood sign will be replaced. Mr. Peanutbutter intended to get another "D" but the unveiling reveals it's a "B," turning Hollywoo into "Hollywoob."

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1[]

Season 3[]

Season 5[]

Season 6[]

Seen in the background of opening credits for this season.


  • In That's Too Much, Man!, Sarah Lynn states she likes the building because of the dome shape. However, BoJack states that he thinks the dome shape is 'dumb' and does not like it because he likes rectangular buildings:
    • BoJack hating dome buildings is one of the reasons why they kept postponing going to the observatory while on their drug bender.
  • BoJack's former home is quite close to Griffith Observatory, which was of great sentimental significance to BoJack and Herb Kazzaz as well as the location of Sarah Lynn's overdose.
  • It is prominently featured in the opening credits for Season 6.