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Gotcha is a segment of MSNBSea. It is run by Tom Jumbo-Grumbo, and is only shown in BoJack the Feminist, in Season 5.


Season 5[]

In a flashback from 2012, in BoJack the Feminist, Vance is shown being arrested after trying to sexually harass a female police officer named Lindsay. The dash-cam footage shows him saying that he "hates Jews."

He later retracts that statement in The Deep Dive, which is a talk show hosted by A Ryan Seacrest Type. Vance has a Jewish friend, Mark Feuerstein, back him up on it by quoting the Torah—also because Vance apologized, and offered Mark a role in his new movie, Koufax.

It is revealed at the premiere of Koufax that he allegedly hit a prostitute with a baseball bat.

He later defends himself on Gotcha, the news segment on MSNBSea hosted by Tom Jumbo-Grumbo, claiming that he was only thirty-eight-years-old at the time—and that he respects women.

While he is on air, with a nasty message he left for his fourteen-year-old daughter via voice mail, which clearly described that he "hates women and Swedish people."

S5ep04 Vance - Local Feminist (AF) with Ana

Vance Waggoner on his new-found feminist views

He then gives an interview with his family, saying he's leaving fame for good. He disappears into obscurity, until years later when Princess Carolyn reaches out to him to star in Philbert as Fritz.

He later turns down the role, claiming he has found feminism, and he finds Philbert degrading and sexist. The role of Fritz goes to Mr. Peanutbutter.