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Diane, I'm rich. I'm not doing this to make money. I'm doing this to make connections with real women and extend my personal brand as a real down-to-earth chica who cares about real women.

Stefani Stilton to Diane Nguyen


Physical Appearance

The exterior of the building is beige with teal trim and has many windows. The Girl Croosh logo is written on the front and sides of the building.

Stefani is shown to provide employees with open working spaces with no partitions, brand new equipment such as computers, yoga stations, and generally a friendly rapport with each employee. The seating is constantly changing.

The walls of the building have various motivational phrases on them and the interior has a very modern feminine motif using mostly pastel colors.

The conference room has a ranking screen that shows which blog stories are receiving the highest hits.



Diane starts working at Girl Croosh after being fired by Princess Carolyn's agency where she was the media assistant.

She got the job right after Stefani tests her loyalty by asking if she would ever write an article against Mr. Peanutbutter, her husband (now ex-husband).

While it is unclear what Diane said in response, she did get hired for the position as a writer at Girl Croosh.

Later, in Season 4, she ultimately does end up writing the article titled The Case Against Mr. Peanutbutter.

Season 3

In That Went Well, Princess Carolyn suggests that Diane should blog for Ralph's sister; because she's creating a new company, Girl Croosh.

Diane later meets with Stefani for a job interview. Stefani tests her loyalty, by asking if she would be willing to write something negative, towards her husband (ex-husband in Season 5) Mr. Peanutbutter if she had to. It is unknown what she said to this question, but she ended up getting the job.

Season 4

GirlCroosh plays a bigger role in this season then other seasons as most of Diane's scenes take place here. She also wrote an article about her stance on gun control this season.

In See Mr. Peanutbutter Run, Diane is now working at Girl Croosh.

Changin seating 2

An example of the ever changing seating at Girl Croosh.

In Hooray! Todd Episode!, while Todd is trying to distract her from looking at social media, Stefani addresses Diane about her articles. Stefani finds it inspiring, that Diane knows no one reads the stuff she writes, about but she does it anyway.

In Commence Fracking, Diane is at a Girl Croosh meeting. One member is pitching an article about having a healthy sex life. Diane asks why they don't write an article about people who aren't having sex. Stefani pulls her aside and asks her if she isn't having sex with her husband.

Diane says that the campaign has been testing their marriage and that she can't wait for it to go back to normal. Stephanie encourages her to speak up but Diane says that she doesn't want to go against her husband. Stephanie says that she needs to "do you" and that right now no one is.

In Thoughts and Prayers, at Girl Croosh, Diane struggles to balance on the exercise stability balance at her work desk when she gets a phone call. She struggles to answer her phone and finally manages to pick up the call from Princess Carolyn. Princess Carolyn tells Diane she's got an exclusive for her. She then tells Diane she's going to write about Courtney Portnoy and her new movie.

Diane starts to question this but is cut off by Princess Carolyn saying she can have lunch with Courtney and interview her.

At Diane and Mr. Peantbutter's house, Mr. Peanutbutter questions why she is holding a gun. Diane then realizes she drove all the way home holding a gun and unintentionally robbed a gas station. Mr. Peanutbutter kisses her and then tells her to be safe before walking away. Diane then looks at the gun sitting on the kitchen counter and then there is a cut to her writing her piece for Girl Croosh entitled "A Handgun of One's Own."

In it, she says men are not going to get it, some of them think they get it but they don't know how it feels to constantly have their guard up. Diane then goes on to say she's tired of making men understand how it feels to be a woman. Diane then says she's putting the power in her own hands and that's why she owns a gun.

The article quickly makes it's way up in rankings as one of the top read articles at Girl Croosh.

Season 5

GirlCroosh meeting

Staff meeting at Girl Croosh

It was never specified how Diane continued to work for Girl Croosh and Philbert in Season 5.

In The Dog Days Are Over, Diane arrives in Vietnam but gets a call from Stefani, telling her she wants more content for Girl Croosh. Diane tells her that she'll write a piece while she's in Vietnam. She calls it 10 Reasons to go to Vietnam: A Girl Croosh Personal Travel Guide.

Before Diane goes to Vietnam, it is also shown Stefani calls an exterminator when her cockroach IT staff try to unionize against her, referring to it as "negotiations."

In BoJack the Feminist, at Girl Croosh, Stefani tells Diane in disgust of the news of Vance Waggoner getting a Forgivie. Diane is also disgusted by this. Stefani wants Diane to go the award show, to take Vance down and do some "Hollywoo hob-nobbing," and ask BoJack why Vance is going to star on his new show—a fact that shocks Diane.

In The Stopped Show, Diane meets with Stefani at Sandro's Place. Stefani explains that Girl Croosh is moving to video format and that she wants Diane to be the face of it. Diane says no to the offer, which shocks and confuses Stefani as she literally has never been said "no" to before—and she doesn't quite understand the concept of the word "no," because she was spoiled, from the time she was young.

Diane then explains, how she's an untrustworthy news source and a hypocrite after her actions. Stefani then explains to Diane what her problem is; that she often holds people and even herself at a very high, almost impossible standard.

This allows her to write juicy take-downs but is harrowing for her self worth. She explains, that the world is already very unforgiving and standardized. In the end, it's best to forgive each other. Diane asks if the content on Girl Croosh should be more forgiving. Stefani however, blows off the idea.

Season 6

In Feel-Good Story, Diane and the cameraman Guy are out filming for a segment of Girl Croosh called Crooshing USA. The farmer they are interviewing asks what that means. Diane tells him "Crooshness" is hard to define. She also says she doesn't know it when she sees it.

The farmer then says he's always trying to get more girls interested in agriculture. Diane says his farm is also a front for a sex trafficking ring. Diane then questions how he got into sex trafficking, and the farmer then runs off. Guy then says he's probably not getting his microphone back.

Guy and Diane are then eating lunch at Parmadillo's. Stefani then calls asking Diane, saying that while she loves the serious stories Diane is covering, she would like some more feel-good stories as well. Diane counters this, by saying the stories they are covering are really making a difference. Stefani tells Diane that the serious news is bumming her out.

Guy then suggests they could do a story on the little girl who set up a lemonade stand to pay for her father's cancer treatment. Diane says that's not a feel-good story because this nation does not have subsidized healthcare, and therefore a child had to go join the workforce to pay for her father's cancer treatment to keep him alive.

Guy then gives her another headline, "local cameraman has a pretty good thing going on where he gets to travel all over the country; and fool around in hotel rooms with his beautiful, smart feisty producer and he's pretty sure this passionate intelligent warrior for truth, likes it too. So maybe these two knuckleheads should put their pride aside for a second, and make some feel-good videos." Diane smiles at this and she and Guy hold hands.

Diane and Guy then go and cover the Every Animal Girl Company. The ladies who own it tell Diane they are two best friends who started a doll company because they got tired of seeing dolls that showed unrealistic beauty standards. Diane then asks if their dolls are made from recyclable materials. The ladies both start giggling nervously and talking over each other. They tell Diane, they were purchased by Toys Galore, which is a subsidiary of Whitewhale.

Diane says it must be exciting for them to be bought out by a huge conglomerate and watch their company grow. Diane then further presses them on the recycled materials. They say their main focus is empowering young girls. They also say they are closing the main Chicago factory, so that they can relocate overseas, for cheaper labor just before the holidays. Guy reminds her that they are supposed to stick to feel-good stories. Diane then says it is an exciting and empowering time for them.

Afterward, Diane asks Guy if he can edit that down, into something "feel-goody."

Later,  on the phone, Stefani tells Diane made a big impression with the guys at Whitewhale. She says they bought Girl Croosh, to Diane's shock. She then goes on to say they technically bought Fuddrucker's, and merged it with Dow Chemical, to create a new media venture called Spronk! She then says Spronk! acquired Univision, which will include Girl Croosh in the Gizmodo-branded mist of advertorial.

Diane says that's terrible. Stefani says not for her, she'll be rich. Diane reminds her she already is rich. Stefani wishes her good luck with Spronk!, which is currently rebranding as Content Spew. Diane then says, "Oh, Spronk me."

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


The vigil for the deceased Cockroach IT staff.


  • Girl Croosh is a parody of Buzzfeed.
  • GirlCroosh played a bigger role in Season 4 compared to other seasons.
  • The company owns a podcast that guest-starred Laika (a real-life figure who is alive in the BoJack universe) and is commentated by Diane.
    Yoga mats

    Yoga station at Girl Croosh

  • Stefani seems to like using the word "Croosh" as part of her regular lexicon, although it is unclear what "croosh" actually means.
  • As a running gag, the "chairs" that the company provides change very often.
    • This often deters Diane from completing her work.

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