Diane, I'm rich. I'm not doing this to make money. I'm doing this to make connections with real women and extend my personal brand as a real down-to-earth chica who cares about real women.

Stefani Stilton to Diane Nguyen


Physical Appearance

Stefani is shown to provide employees with open working spaces with no partitions, brand new equipment such as computers, yoga stations, and generally a friendly rapport with each employee. The seating is constantly changing.

The walls of the building have various motivational phrases on them and the interior has a very modern feminine motif using mostly pastel colors.

The conference room has a ranking screen that shows which blog stories are receiving the highest hits.



Diane starts working at Girl Croosh after being fired by Princess Carolyn's agency where she was the media assistant.

She got the job right after Stefani tests her loyalty by asking if she would ever write an article against Mr. Peanutbutter, her husband (now ex-husband).

While it is unclear what Diane said in response, she did get hired for the position as a writer at Girl Croosh.

Later, in Season 4, she ultimately does end up writing the article titled The Case Against Mr. Peanutbutter.

Season 3

Season 4

GirlCroosh plays a bigger role in this season then other seasons as most of Diane's scenes take place here.

She also wrote an article about her stance on gun control this season.
Changin seating 2

An example of the ever changing seating at Girlcroosh.

Season 5

GirlCroosh meeting

Staff meeting at GirlCroosh

It was never specified how Diane continued to work for Girl Croosh and Philbert in Season 5.


The vigil for the deceased Cockroach IT staff.


  • GirlCroosh is a parody of Buzzfeed.
  • GirlCroosh played a bigger role in Season 4 compared to other seasons.
  • The company owns a podcast that guest-starred Laika (a real-life figure who is alive in the BoJack universe) and is commentated by Diane.
    Yoga mats

    Yoga station at GirlCroosh

  • Stefani seems to like using the word "Croosh" as part of her regular lexicon, although it is unclear what "croosh" actually means.
  • As a running gag, the "chairs" that the company provides change very often.
    • This often deters Diane from completing her work.

Subsections of the site include:

  • Stoopid Gurl
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