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The following are quotes said by Gina Cazador in BoJack Horseman

Season 5[]

The Light Bulb Scene[]

Gina: Yikes, was that it? You done? [exhales] Wow.

BoJack: Sorry, I can't do you. I'm too distracted, I'd just do a bad job. You know your own body better than me anyway so just go to town.

BoJack: Can I ask you a question, about you?

Gina: Uh-huh?

BoJack: Do you think I'm right, and the Philbert character is poorly written, and Flip needs to write him better, so I don't look so bad?

Gina: Look, I do one of these shows every year. And I keep getting hired because I show up, do the work, and keep my head down....Do I love Internal Affairs Director Sassy Malone, whose primary character traits are that she hates bras and loves cold rooms? Not especially. It feels gratuitous and male-gazey. But it pays for my expensive habit of having a mortgage in Southern California.

BoJack: You don't have to go. We could hang out. I'm sure you don't wanna be all alone in a house by yourself.

Gina: No, I love being alone. I wish I were alone right now.

Planned Obsolescence[]

Pickles: Do you think Mr. Peanutbutter and I are moving too fast?

Gina: I don't know you or your relationship, but I have been around the block a few times. I was even on an ABC procedural, called The Block, which aired a few times. The key is to have zero expectations, and then you'll never be disappointed.


Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos[]

Ancient History[]

Head in the Clouds[]

The Showstopper[]

Gina: What the fuck is wrong with you?!

The Stopped Show[]

Gina: Yeah I’ll say it was pretty bad. It was assault. You physically over powered me, and if there were any justice, you would be in jail right now. But my career, after so many failed attempts, is finally starting to take off. I am getting offers, and fan mail, and magazine columns about what a good actor I am. People know me because of my acting and all that goes away if I‘m just the girl who got choked by BoJack Horseman.