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These are the quotes from Flip McVicker

Season Four[]

Lovin that cali lifestyle!![]

Princess Carolyn: So, you’re a writer?
Flip: Oh, that’s actually a typo. It should say "Waiter," but I’m an aspiring writer.
Princess Carolyn: Uh-Huh.
Flip: Sorry, that was a joke. That's the kind of witty repartee you can expect from...
Princess Carolyn: Yeah Yeah.

Princess Carolyn: This sounds fabulous. Why don't you write a script, we'll go from there?
Flip: I already wrote it. Boom.
Princess Carolyn: Oh, you brought it with you.
Flip: I don’t trust email. You know, the government.

Flip: I just know I have this great potential inside me. I know I can do it. Even if no one else understands or believes in me.

Season Five[]

Flip: Princesses Carolyn? She’s gone. Or what if...I was Princess Carolyn the whole time?? (Smears On Princess Carolyn’s lipstick) (in a high pitched voice imitating PC) Oh fish!