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This place has really gone downhill since they hired that new chef.

Diane Nguyen, That Went Well

Elefino, formerly known as Elefante, is a recurring restaurant that appears in the BoJack Horseman series. Its first appearance was in the pilot.

Physical Appearance[]

Elefante was a stylish, elegant restaurant that included a small cocktail bar inside, along with various Elephant-related motifs; like a parody of the famous painting "The Birth of Venus," and a statue next to the entrance of an elephant urinating water into a crocodile's mouth.

The establishment also offered Valet parking services of $5.00 per hour.

The interior of the restaurant was illuminated by wall lights and candles. Each table is covered with a red cloth with a candle on the center, giving it a romantic vibe.

The cocktail bar was located in a corner next to the waiting area, with various bottles that BoJack loves to drink frequently. People were often seen watching television placed on top of the bar.

The men's and women's bathrooms were very similar, both containing a large golden frame mirror with an Elephant head at the top of it.

The kitchen was not seen until the episode Best Thing That Ever Happened, there were First Aid Choking and Hand Washing posters on the walls, along with recipe books on a top shelf.

A meat locker room is also located inside the kitchen. After the accidental firing of Sandro, the area became a pretty dirty and chaotic place.

In Season 5, it is revealed by Yolanda Buenaventura that Elefante failed their last three health inspections.

In Season 6, it goes through a major change since Mr. Peanutbutter bought it from BoJack, The name is changed to Elefino. Mr. Peanutbutter, Pickles, and Joey Pogo all add aspects of change to Elefino. Joey Pogo adds the addition of Lazy Susan's, Pickles adds the addition of small plates, and Mr. Peanutbutter adds his face on the menu.

The exterior has changed from an orange sandy theme to a more modern and off-white theme. The light-up sign is changed to Elefino in cursive letters, there are multiple strip lights, there is a red banner above the entrance that encompasses the whole building, which has turquoise diamond-shaped patterns all over.

In addition, the door, the valet man's uniform, and his umbrella have all been changed to turquoise. The carpet outside the door is still red but a different one and now there is also a turquoise Lazy Susan outside the door.



1x08 Elefante 80s work Flashback

BoJack Horseman and Herb Kazzaz as bartenders serving Barry Tukalooka before working on Horsin' Around.

In The Telescope, the Elefante bar is seen through a flashback around the 1980s, where a young BoJack was working as a bartender alongside his friend Herb Kazzaz after they were done with their stand-up comedy acts.

Herb seemed to not care that much for his job, drinking a bottle in the middle of work, whereas BoJack declines a slug to stay sharp for an afternoon audition. They eventually both quit their jobs for their soon-to-be-famous show Horsin' Around.

2x03 Sarah Lynn HerbGold flashback

Herb and Sarah Lynn

Many years later, famous pop star Sarah Lynn remembers when she went to meet a dying Herb Kazzaz at Elefante and learned that he had rectal cancer, in the episode Still Broken.

She doesn't seem fazed by the news, texting on her phone without even looking at him at first, but she later pays attention when Herb needs her to sober up for an important favor.

He wants to make sure his novel gets published before he dies. Sarah Lynn snorts some cocaine, then promises that she will get clean tomorrow and publish his important book.

It is currently owned by BoJack himself and used to be a very exquisite place until the former head waiter, Sandro, got accidentally fired and took most of the staff with him to his new restaurant.

Pickles Aplenty works as a waitress there and it is where she meets her current boyfriend/possible fiancée, Mr. Peanutbutter, who is seen frequenting the restaurant often.

Season 1[]

The restaurant makes his initial appearance in the first episode, with many famous customers frequenting it, such as BoJack with Princess Carolyn, Mr. Peanutbutter, and even Lenny Turteltaub. BoJack ends up ordering nothing and eats ten baskets of bread, much to his annoyance and the two present waiters. In the background, we see that the bartender is a big female Elephant.

1x06 Bojack buys Elefante

BoJack buys the restaurant in Our A-Story is a "D" Story

In Our A-Story is a "D" Story, after BoJack returns from his trip to Boston with Diane, he invites her and Mr. Peanutbutter to eat at Elefante.

However, BoJack gets jealous of Mr. Peanutbutter's relationship with Diane and the two begins a series of one-upmanship challenges to see who can impress Diane more.

One of which being where BoJack abruptly decides to buy the entire restaurant, firming a contract and boasting how he can stay as long as he wants while making a waiter do a little dance since "he owns him now."


Maitre'd Model Sheet

Later, BoJack asks the Elephant bartender "a bottle of something to help him forget his problems," in which she first pulls out Cyanide

Elephante Waiter

Elefante Waiters Model Sheet

poison, then Vodka and finally Absinthe. Afterward, there is a giraffe waiter putting a sign outside the restaurant, written: "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT."

Near the end of the episode, after BoJack fails to tell Diane his feelings for her and learns she will be marrying his former sit-com rival, he continues drinking at the bar, sadly thinking that nobody knows him like alcohol.

BoJack returns to his restaurant in Say Anything, in an attempt to seduce Princess Carolyn and also give her some time off to relax, but they end up going their separate ways after the horse receives a phone call from Herb and realizes he doesn't truly love Princess Carolyn.

Later at Horse Majeure, in an attempt to foil the marriage of Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter, BoJack offers his restaurant as a venue for their wedding. The entrance is seen full of flowers, balloons and a heart shape with a little drawing in it.

BoJack crashes the Valet booth with his car, almost hitting a waiter, but he is too late and decides to give up on sabotaging the wedding. Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter get married and Elefante turns into a party room. 

In the season finale Later, BoJack wins a Golden Globe Award for his popular book ghost-written by Diane and decides to do an after-party at his restaurant, but immediately regrets it as he just sits at the bar during the party.

Princess Carolyn comes back to eat with her new boyfriend Vincent Adultman in order to have a serious talk with him, but later breaks up with him because he only talks about work all the time and she wants to feel young at heart as well as have fun with her man.  

Season 2[]

After his book's successful publishing, and once again rising in fame, BoJack starts dating many of his newly found fans at his restaurant in the episode Yesterdayland. However, each woman is sycophantic towards him and only quote various moments of his biography novel, while the horse tries not to dwell on the past and have a real conversation with them.

An irritated BoJack ends up changing restaurants for his dates when one of the women deduces that Elefante is the actual place he bought back when he argued with Mr. Peanutbutter in Season 1.

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Season 6[]

It is seen in the intro of Surprise!

In Sunk Cost and All That, Mr. Peanutbutter with Max and Paige at Elefino, saying he'd be delighted to answer questions about his good friend BoJack.

Paige tells her husband they are back from New Mexico and still on the trail of their story, while Mr. Peanutbutter tells Max about BoJack selling the restaurant to him and Joey Pogo.

Later, Mr. Peanutbutter gets ready to talk to the reporters but he is interrupted by Joey telling him about a situation in the kitchen. Mr. Peanutbutter heads into the kitchen where he finds out the dishwashers all quit. Pickles and Joey then argue about who's at fault. Pickles then pulls Mr. Peanutbutter aside saying she needs to talk to him.

In the meat locker, Pickles asks how much longer they have to continue working with Joey. Mr. Peanutbutter says he thought she loved Joey. Pickles says she loves his music but not him as a person. Mr. Peanutbutter says he could proposition some young men on set. Pickles then apologizes and says she will try to make this work for their relationship.

Pickles then scolds Joey for not doing the dishes. Joey tells her manual labor featuring him is just not a fruitful collaboration so instead, he went out and bought new dishes. Pickles then questions why Mr. Peanutbutter thought she would like Joey. Joey then tells Pickles he doesn't want to be here either. Pickles then suggests they just tell Mr. Peanutbutter they have formed an emotional connection and are going to have sex. Joey asks why don't they just say they had sex. Pickles says lying is what got them into this mess in the first place.

Mr. Peanutbutter tells Paige and Max the story about his and Pickles' plan to be even with each other due to his infidelity and Max tells him Pickles and Joey are in love. Mr. Peanutbutter then questions this. Max tells him Pickles flirts with Joey and follows him across the restaurant. Paige asks why would Pickles fall for a dashing young Joey when she has sweet, dependable, and boring Mr. Peanutbutter. Paige says she only tolerates him for work otherwise she can't stand him.

Max counters no she is in love with him even though she'd never admitted it to herself. Paige questions about the boy. Max says sure he puts on a good front and puts up a good fight but if Pickles were to confess her love it would drop his heart down an elevator shaft and bring it back up to his throat. Mr. Peanutbutter says he's pretty sure they hate each other.

The reporters then bring their attention back to Sarah Lynn and BoJack's relationship with her and whether it was inappropriate. Mr. Peanutbutter tells them they were thicker than thieves, in fact, they were thieves—and tells the reporters about the time BoJack and Sarah Lynn broke into his and Diane's home and stole their clothes. He also tells them how Diane never got her jacket back and tells them they should ask her about it.

Pickles and Joey come to Mr. Peanutbutter's table and they announce that they have developed feelings for each other and are now going to make love. Mr. Peanutbutter tells them that's great seeing that's just what they wanted.

Pickles and Joey finish having sex in the meat locker. Pickles tells Joey she will see him later and he puts his hoodie on her shoulders when he realizes she is shivering. Joey then apologizes for being awful to Pickles earlier and says since Mr. Peanutbutter has been such a good friend it would be weird having sex with his fiance but once they were in it it felt like they were "two naked hearts raw and exposed but safe in the home they found in each other." Joey then wishes Pickles best of luck with the wedding and that he hopes to have what Pickles has with Mr. Peanutbutter.

Joey then says he can't even imagine getting married right now and that he can't even commit to a social media director. Pickles questions why not and Joey tells her he has a hard time because he has trouble finding someone who gets his brand. Pickles asks "Sexy?" Joey tells her that's exactly right and she totally gets him. He then tells her if she knows someone who would be good for the job to let him know. She promises to let him know and hands him his jacket back.

Joey then talks about boarding his plane alone to go on tour and says his gate number so he doesn't forget it as he leaves the kitchen. Pickles then sadly says goodbye to him as she looks through the window.

Paige expresses excitement to Max about their story coming together. Paige then says she thinks their story is about wrapped up. Paige says she better get back to the office and get started on writing. Max then asks about establishing a larger pattern of behavior saying they haven't heard from their contact at the rehabilitation center or the New Mexico girl. Paige tells him he was right their story was always about Sarah Lynn. Max asks if she thinks they ought to keep working together and Paige replies she ought to get married. Max tries to confess his love to Paige as she gets into her taxi and she responds everyone loves her because she's Paige Sinclair.

Pickles tells Mr. Peanutbutter she and Joey had sex so now she and Mr. Peanutbutter are even and everything can go back to normal. Mr. Peanutbutter starts to say they should set a date for the wedding but he is interrupted by Pickles telling him about the job opportunity with Joey Pogo. She tells him she has to leave tonight and could be gone a while. Pickles tells him she is so confused.

Mr. Peanutbutter encourages her to seek out the job opportunity and go on Joey's tour. She asks if they can plan the wedding when she comes back and he sadly tells her sure they can as it sounds like a good compromise. Pickles excitedly says she has to go and gives Mr. Peanutbutter a final hug and kiss thanking him for everything before running off.

In Nice While It Lasted, it is mentioned by Mr. Peanutbutter to BoJack but does not make an appearance.

Restaurant Staff[]

Current Employees[]

Appearance Name and Position

Episode where they appear in Elefante

Elefante Waiter promoted Chef

Unnamed Chef

  • Head Chef
  • Waiter (formerly) 
Elefante DogValet Template

Unnamed Black-headed Corgi Dog

  • Bartender
  • Valet (formerly)
Season 5 Pickles Aplenty

Pickles Aplenty

  • Waitress
Elefante Donkey Lady no BG

Unnamed Donkey Lady

  • Waitress
Working Donkey Kid template

Unnamed Donkey Lady's son

  • Waiter

Former Employees[]

Appearance Name and Position

Episode where they appear in Elefante

Herb Elefante Bartender closeUp

Herb Kazzaz

  • Bartender
Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 9.31
BoJack Horseman
  • Former Owner
  • Bartender
Sandro Waiter no BG


  • Head Waiter and person in charge
Elephant Bartender template

Unnamed Elephant

  • Bartender 
Moustache Elefante Waiter Template


Elefante Waiter Template

Unnamed Waiter

Giraffe Valet

Unnamed giraffe Valet

Cockatiel Valet template

Unnamed Cockatiel

  • Chef 
  • Valet 
Elefante Tiger Chef Hat

Unnamed tiger Chef

(Valet Keeper in Season 6)

Elefante Seagull Waiter

Unnamed seagull Waiter 

Elefante Female Waiter

Unnamed Waitress


Unnamed Waiter 

Snail Valet

Unnamed snail Valet

Cheetah Valet

Unnamed cheetah Valet

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 5[]

Season 6[]