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Eduardo is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He is the sober companion for BoJack Horseman in Surprise!, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

Eduardo is a male goat with patches of white and grey fur.

According to the model sheets, he's slightly under 6 ft tall.

He is seen wearing a blue and white checkered collared button-down shirt, light grey sports coat, with a yellow and white polka-dot handkerchief in the front pocket, grey dress pants, and black dress shoes.


Eduardo says the only thing that gives him anxiety, is the thought of him drinking again. Little else is known about him.


Season 6[]

In Surprise!, Diane goes to Pastiches to visit BoJack. The groundhog receptionist tells her she is too late because BoJack has gone to a party for the evening. He gives her the address. Diane then expresses concern, that BoJack might have gone to a party with alcohol.

The groundhog explains it is a lame party without alcohol, and BoJack was sent with a trained sober companion, who will keep him out of trouble.

At Mr. Peanutbutter and Pickles' house, BoJack introduces Eduardo the sober companion to Mrs. Captain Peanutbutter and Captain Peanutbutter. He explains Eduardo is here to keep him out of trouble. Captain Peanutbutter asks if Eduardo is one of those fainting goats. Eduardo laughs and says only if he panics.

BoJack interjects that nothing makes Eduardo panic, because he is a trained sober companion. Captain Peanutbutter then starts talking about what makes him panic. He then says he is most of the time, he is an ocean-levels-rising guy. However, sometimes he likes to dwell on the fact, that there will always be invisible walls between himself, and those who claim to know him.

Eduardo admits that is pretty nerve-racking, but as for himself, the only thing that makes him panic is the thought of him drinking again. Captain Peanutbutter raises a toast, to that never happening again, with a bottle of alcohol. Eduardo faints and BoJack sarcastically says that's very helpful. BoJack then thanks Eduardo.

Mr. Peanutbutter unknowingly locks Eduardo in the thunder room, thinking he left the door open when the guests go to their hiding places. He then commands the door to close. Eduardo then ends up being trapped in the thunder room.


Eduardo in thunder room

Later, Eduardo, who is still trapped in the thunder room. He gives himself a pep talk to hold it together. He tells himself to do what the sign says. The two signs read "Don't Panic" and "Drink." Under the "Drink" sign there is a bar, which causes Eduardo to faint. The episode ends with BoJack carrying out Eduardo, who fainted in the thunder room, back to Pastiches.


Eduardo Model Sheet


  • His last name isn't given.