Eddie is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He lives in the cabin next door to the Sugarman Summer Home and helps BoJack repair it. He appears in The Old Sugarman Place, in Season 4.


Eddie is a widower refuses to fly following the death of his wife, Lorraine, who he loved deeply and thus it traumatized him deeply.

He can appear like a grump, but he seems to be friendly and caring deep down as he is willing to spend a year with BoJack fixing his grandparents’ lake house out of just wanting to help.

Physical Appearance

Eddie is a dragonfly with blue skin and blue wings. He has stubble on his chin and neck.

He wears a white baseball cap with a red label that says B&B Marina, a white turtleneck, a blue quilted jacket vest with two front lower pockets that has a tan lining around the zipper and collar and light blue jeans and sneakers.


Season 4

Eddie is a dragonfly who BoJack meets when he returns to his mother's childhood summer cabin in Harper's Landing, Michigan. BoJack tells Eddie to mind his own business when he offers to help fix the cabin.

Later, BoJack agrees to let him help, and Eddie helps BoJack restore the cabin. At the end of the episode, BoJack destroys it again saying he doesn't want to cling to his past. He also states it was a big waste of time in the first place, despite protests from Eddie not to.

There is a side story about his wife Lorraine's death when she got stuck in the vent of an airplane due to him pressuring them to fly too high. Due to trauma, Eddie does not fly, despite having wings and the obvious ability to fly. The Eddie/BoJack plot is juxtaposed with BoJack's family history, particularly on Beatrice's side.


  • He is the only one who stays at the summer housing year-round.
  • He is responsible for his wife's death on their wedding night, as she wanted to go back down to the ground, but he wanted to see how high they could go, causing an airplane engine to suck her in.
    • The guilt from this incident is why he refuses to fly despite having the obvious ability to.
  • Like BoJack, he can't stand the two girls at the Hardware Store, Tamera and Tamara due to them being annoying airheads.
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