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Dr. Indira Dadyshue is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. She is first introduced in The Dog Days Are Over and then later appears again in INT. SUB in Season 5. She is the wife of Mary-Beth and Diane Nguyen's therapist.

Physical Appearance[]

Dr. Indira is a human woman with short black curly hair that is above shoulder length. She has a few signs of wrinkles and slight aging. She wears purple lipstick and eyeshadow.

She wears a mustard-colored blouse with a white tropical floral print, black dress pants, and flip-flops.


"Bobo" and "Princess Diana" from Indira's narrative

For accessories, she wears long dangling earrings, a choker with a metal bead, a watch on her right hand, and three golden rings one on her right hand and two on her left.


Dr. Indira appears to be a kind and caring lady most of the time, however, some of her moral ethics and work practices seem to be questionable—such as talking about clients to other clients, and telling one client they are more important than another.


Season 5[]

In a flashback from The Dog Days Are Over, Dr. Indira suggests that she goes away and that getting out of a routine will help her process stuff.  

She tries to relate things Diane is going through to things other clients (mostly celebrities) are going through. Even though she tries to change the names, Diane immediately figures out who she's talking about.  

She then questions whether Indra talks about her to other clients as well.  

Later, in INT. SUB Dr. Indira and her wife Mary-Beth two exchange stories after both admit they had a long week. They about their workday and their clients changing the names to pseudonyms.


"Bobo" visits the therapist in her office.

For instance, in Dr. Indra's story (The A Plot) Diane becomes "Princess Diana of Wales" and BoJack becomes "Bobo the Angsty Zebra."

In Mary Beth's story (The B Plot), the story involves Todd, or "Emperor Fingerface" and Princess Carolyn, or "Tangled Fog of Pulsating Yearning in the Shape of a Woman."

In the end, Dr. Indira and Mary-Beth have finished their stories and for the remainder of the episode, all the characters now have their original names and characteristics.

Dr. Indira feels like she did her best to provide therapy to BoJack and Diane and Mary-Beth feel like she did what was best for finding a negotiation between Todd and Princess Carolyn.


Happy endings

The two women feel like in the end they have done what was best for their clients, congratulate each other, and are seen kissing inside the restaurant.