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Do The BoJack is a song sung by BoJack Horseman. It was released in 1991 during the height of his Horsin' Around career and was apparently a huge hit.


Horsin' Around[]

The song was originally released by BoJack in 1991. By 1994, he was forced to sing the song on live television by the command of Angela Diaz at the '94 upfronts.

Season 2[]

In 2015, BoJack briefly performed the song at Penny Carson's prom night before being booed off stage in Escape from L.A.

Season 3[]

In 2016, he begins to perform it again in BoJack Kills when the guard behind the door at Whale World asks to "see some BoJack," which is actually a string of heroin but interrupts him when he realizes he actually is BoJack Horseman.

Season 6[]

In 2020, BoJack drunkenly sang the song to Angela Diaz at her house in the episode Angela, and the song plays during the end credits, being the first time the song is fully heard and BoJack fully performs it.


(Ch-ka, ch-ka, ch-ka, ch-ka, ch-ka, ah Ch-ka, ch-ka, ch-ka, ch-ka, ch-ka)


(Whoa, whoa, yeah!)


Now, boys and girls

If you wanna do the BoJack

Take your hands

And put them on your lower back

Walk in a circle and strut and strut

Wiggle your hips

And jiggle your (uh-oh!)

Push away your troubles

And pull up your pants

And that's how you do The BoJack dance!