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Richard "Dick" Alva Cavett is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He based on the real-life talk show host of the same name. He makes his first flashback appearance in Later.

Physical Appearance[]

Dick is a middle-aged man with slight signs of aging, wrinkles on his face, bags under his eyes, a prominent nose, and a fair complexion. He has sandy brown hair, which is combed over to the left side, and thin eyebrows.

He is seen in a deep green turtleneck sweater, navy, teal, and white checkered button-down sports jacket with front pockets, grey dress pants, brown belt, and shoes.


Dick is an enthusiastic talk show host and an exaggerated version of his real-life counterpart Richard "Dick" Alva Cavett. Little else is known about him.



In 1973, Cavett interviewed Secretariat on his talk show.

Season 1[]

In Later, Cavett is seen reading a letter that had been submitted by then nine-year-old BoJack, and Secretariat offers BoJack advice in response to his letter.

BoJack was asking Secretariat for advice on what to do when he's sad.

Secretariat answers, that he metaphorically and literally runs when he's sad and concentrates on what's ahead.

BoJack however, does not ever get to hear this response as his parents are arguing in the background.

Season 2[]

In Brand New Couch, BoJack is shown again, watching the same interview as a child seen in the previous episode.

Secretariat is about to answer BoJack’s question, “What do you do when you get sad?”

However, his parents Beatrice and Butterscotch Horseman are arguing loudly, so BoJack does not hear the response.

Season 5[]

This interview was also referenced during the musical number sung by Gina Cazador in The Showstopper.


  • The real Dick Cavett appeared on television from the 1960s-2000s.