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Death Foreshadowing is a recurring theme in BoJack Horseman, wherein throughout the series, there will be subtle hints that suggest that in the series finale, BoJack Horseman will die, specifically from drowning himself in his pool, while intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol as an intentional act of suicide.

When the finale came around, all of this foreshadowing turned out to be false, as, between the penultimate and last episodes, BoJack attempted to drown himself in his pool, only to end up being alive in the next episode.



  • Every episode from Season 1-Season 5. in the opening credits, a drunken and heavily intoxicated BoJack Horseman falls off his balcony and lands in the pool.
  • In his house, BoJack has a Portrait of an Artist picture, featuring two horses, who are presumably meant to represent himself, with one of them in the pool.

Season 1[]

  • In the pilot, BoJack watches the series finale episode of Horsin' Around, where his character, The Horse dies.
  • In Downer Ending, BoJack writes his book and suggested that he ends his story with his elderly self going to Maine, and drowning himself in a lake.
  • Later in the episode, BoJack got high and hallucinated himself as the horse in the pool in his Portrait of an Artist painting, flailing and paddling about. Another version of himself and Diane looked at this painting and BoJack asks "Shouldn't we help him?" to which Diane responds, "No. He loves treading water."

Season 2[]

  • In Still Broken, a flashback shows BoJack and Herb going to the set of The Love Boat and jumping into the water, only to find out that it's two inches deep.

Season 3[]

  • In Fish Out Of Water, BoJack says that his mom tried to drown him in the bathtub when he was twenty-two. However, this was most likely a joke.
  • Shortly after that, BoJack has a panic attack and tries to get off of a submarine that's about to go underwater. He shouts "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him—" before getting tased and being forced to go underwater in the submarine.
  • In It's You, an extremely high BoJack has a panic attack and says that he's drowning. Ana calms him down by telling him a story of a time she was drowning in a lake and couldn't swim back to the surface because she didn't know which way was up and which way was down. However, she was able to save herself by blowing bubbles and see which way they went because the direction the bubbles went in was up, letting her know to just follow the bubbles.
  • Later in the same episode, BoJack, while still high but now also drunk, drives himself backward in a car, smashes through his bay window, and lands in his pool, where he supposedly tried to kill himself, evidenced by how he watched his bubbles float to the surface, only to ignore them completely and then lie back and accept death.
  • In That's Too Much, Man!, a second story from Ana Spanakopita featuring a lifeguard, ends with the line "There are some people you can't save."

Season 4[]

  • In The Old Sugarman Place, Eddie flies BoJack all the way up into the air, so that BoJack will understand how his wife felt when she died. Eddie ends up dropping him to his doom and they both end up plunging to the bottom of the lake. BoJack floats in the water for a few seconds, looking shocked and afraid before swimming up to the surface. He rescues Eddie, who tells BoJack that he doesn't want to live and asks why BoJack saved him. BoJack doesn't respond and walks away.

Season 5[]

  • In Free Churro, BoJack quoted his mother, in saying that she knew what it felt like to live her entire life like she was drowning. He goes on to say sometimes a person will feel like their drowning until they remember they can swim. This is followed by BoJack going silent and taking a moment, where a spotlight is shined on him and distorted classical music played. BoJack followed this by saying that sometimes people don't remember they can swim and their just drowning.

Season 6[]

  • In Angela, BoJack breaks into his former house, takes a bunch of drugs, and then watches his own audition tape on Blu Ray, which makes him feel so sad that he decides to kill himself.
  • In The View from Halfway Down, the entire episode is a dream, where BoJack is having a dinner party with everyone in his life who has died, which suggests that he's currently dead or close to death, himself.
  • For dinner, everybody's meal is the last thing they ate before they died. For BoJack, his meal is a plate full of the pills he took in the previous episode, along with water that tasted like chlorine, suggesting that this is the pool water that he drowned himself in.
  • Later, Secretariat/Butterscotch, tells BoJack that he's not going to "wake up" from the dream he's having, as he gestures over to a view of the swimming pool, where BoJack sees the shadow of his own body, floating lifelessly.
  • At the end of the episode, BoJack is engulfed in black tar, which signifies that he died. This is followed by a continuous beeping sound, like a heartrate flatlining.
  • In Nice While It Lasted, the beginning of the episode shows BoJack lying dead in a hospital bed, with a doctor covering him with the sheet, only for the camera to zoom out, revealing that this is happening on TV, as it's just the series finale of Horsin' Around.
  • As the camera zooms out, the real BoJack is revealed, floating lifelessly in the swimming pool.
  • A newspaper article reads "Horseman Dead," only to zoom out and show that the entire headline reads "Headless Horseman Cinematic Universe Dead at Sony," with a smaller second caption reading "BoJack Horseman Not Dead." This is followed by BoJack waking up in the hospital, turning out to not be dead. This makes it clear that BoJack does not die at the end of the series and that all of the previous moments of foreshadowing were completely false.