Hollyhock's dads model sheets.

Dashawn Manheim is one of Hollyhock's adoptive fathers.

He is a dancer and claims he's the wrong person to mess with in a dance battle.


Dashawn is a middle-aged African-American man with a tall slim figure and a dancer's physique and a bald head.

He wears black glasses and a long-sleeved black shirt, dark grey sweatpants with a drawstring, and black shoes.

According to the model sheets, he's slightly above 5 1/2 ft. tall.


Not too much is known about Dashawn, although like the rest of the dads he is very protective of Hollyhock and a loving father.

He seems to be a calm man, but he claims he is the opposite in a dance battle.

He also apparently makes Polish jokes, which Otto disapproves of (as he himself is Polish), because when he says Hollyhock is a thin as a pole, Otto thinks he means Polish people and says he knows he doesn't like his Polish jokes.

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