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Courtney Portnoy is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman. She is an overly-privileged celebrity who once fake-dated Todd Chavez. She is first introduced in Hooray! Todd Episode!, in Season 4.


Diane shoots a gun on Courtney's gun range.


Courtney fake dates Todd Chavez

Physical Appearance[]

Courtney is an adult human female, with long straight light blonde hair. She wears a heavy grey eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

Courtney typically wears a white pleated sundress with gold strappy sandals. She wears two gold rings on her right hand; one on her index finger and the other on her pinkie.

When she was pretending to date Todd and "Todd-style" was in fashion she wore a red zip-down hoodie with front pockets and a yellow beanie over her normal everyday attire.


Courtney is an overly privileged celebrity who is very detached from reality. An example of this is she has trouser maidens to help her button her jeans to avoid wrinkles.



Courtney Portnoy is a human female who is a tongue-twisting celebrity actress and a former managerial client of Princess Carolyn.

Later, she is shown to have switched over to Vanessa Gekko, Princess Carolyn's rival as her new agent.

Season 4[]

In Hooray! Todd Episode!, Courtney dated and almost fake married Todd Chavez, as a publicity stunt, to make her seem more relatable to the public—the idea being, she was dating a "boring nobody" like Todd.

In Thoughts and Prayers, it is shown she has everything including her own gun range where Diane Nguyen shoots a revolver for the first time on Courtney's target practice.

She was almost in a movie called Ms.Taken which was about a shooting in a shopping mall which was supposed to help change her image. The film was never shown, due to several mass shootings across the USA.

Season 5[]

In BoJack the Feminist, she is seen at the Forgivies when Vance Waggoner is accepting his award.

Season 6[]

In A Quick One, While He's Away, Justin is having lunch with Kelsey. Kelsey informs Justin that she’s directing the new movie Fire Flame much to his excitement. Kelsey goes on to tell Justin that he needs an actress that is tough but vulnerable and asks Justin what he thinks of Gina Cazador.

Justin tells Kelsey that Gina is very versatile and very talented, but tells Kelsey he ultimately can’t recommend working with her, especially if she has to do a lot of stunts. Justin tells Kelsey that Gina is difficult saying that he doesn’t know what happened as when he worked with her a few years ago she was great.

Justin then recommends Courtney Portnoy to Kelsey instead, saying he has heard nothing but good things.

In The Horny Unicorn, she is seen behind Princess Carolyn as she is on the set of Fireflame.

In Nice While It Lasted, she makes a cameo on the billboard for Fireflame, revealing she is playing opposite to Gina Cazador's character Fireflame.



Title Role
Ms.Taken Not Known
Fireflame Not Known


  • Her character appears to be a social commentary/parody on how overly rich people are out of touch with reality.
  • Hooray! Todd Episode! reveals she has an uncle who starred in the Taken films.
  • Portnoy's Toys in Thoughts and Prayers: AK-47, RPG-7, M-16, and four pistols. Borner SuperSport 708 in her handbag.
Fireflame billboard


  • Judging by the Fireflame billboard, seen in Nice While It Lasted, it's likely Gina portrays Fireflame in the film, though it isn't directly specified
    • The titular character likely originated from comic books before being adapted to film, similar to the many superhero movies featuring Marvel and DC characters.
      • In particular, she may be based on the Marvel character Firestar, another female superhero.
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        Courtney Portnoy