Corbin C. Creamerman was the heir to Creamerman's Creamy Cream-Based Commodities, and Beatrice Horseman's chaperone and potential suitor at her debutante ball.


Corbin appears in the early 1960s as a male goat with thinning, slicked-back brown hair, light brown and cream fur, a small beard, long brown ears, long grey horns that curve backwards, blue eyes,and glasses.

When he removes his glasses his eyes are bigger and more beautiful. His age is never explicitly stated but he's presumably in the same age range (mid-to-late 20s) as Beatrice.

He wears a grey pant-suit, dress shoes, collared white shirt, maroon necktie, and a red and white plaid hankie in his pocket.


Season 4

In The Judge, Beatrice, who is now elderly and has dementia, asks BoJack if she got any phone calls, because she is expecting one from Corbin Creamerman. 

Corbin officially appears in Time's Arrow , in a flashback to Beatrice’s débutante ball in 1963. He is her chaperon, and his father, Mort Creamerman, is the owner to Creamerman Cream Based Creamy Commodities. 

Beatrice’s father wants her and Corbin to be in a relationship so that he and her father could form a partnership. However, Corbin is shown to be extremely awkward in social situations; he struggles to talk to Beatrice and can only think to tell her she looks nice, various times throughout the evening. Beatrice finds him extremely dull and boring and slips away to meet Butterscotch Horseman at the bar. 

During another date with Beatrice, Corbin expresses his interest in his company's inner workings and specifically the chemical processes used to make cream. While Beatrice is initially bored by this topic, Corbin tells her that he resents his father's lack of interest in their company's own product, and feels that he's being forced into an executive role he doesn't want to play.  

Reflecting on her own relationship with her father, Beatrice sympathizes with him and the two briefly connect, with mutual feelings of being trapped in their high-society world, until Beatrice, who turns out to be pregnant with BoJack, vomits all over Corbin due to morning sickness ending their relationship. 

In 1970, six years after BoJack is born, Beatrice, who is miserable with her life with Butterscotch, says during a fight with Butterscotch that she wishes she would have married Corbin, because he would have been kind for her. 


Corbin was shy and socially awkward, admitting to not being very good at social events. At Beatrice’s débutante he can only think to tell her she looks nice multiple times.

However, he is a gentleman and is quite kind and caring. He is deeply passionate about his company and the process of cream making and is quite knowledgeable on the subject. Like Beatrice, he has conflicting views with his father, who is not interested in the process and thinks they’re just sucking money out of cow teets.