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Cooper Thomas Rogers Wallace Sr. is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. He was the owner of the Answering Machine Company and the father of Cooper Thomas Rogers Wallace Jr. He only appears in flashbacks in The Amelia Earhart Story, in Season 5.


Cooper Sr. was a stern high-class businessman. Little else is known about him.

Physical Appearance[]

He resembled an older version of his son with orange fur, a white patch under his mouth, and dark grey ears.

He wears a black business jacket, white collared button-down shirt, and maroon necktie. He also wears a pair of square spectacles.



Cooper Thomas Rogers Wallace Sr. was the father of Cooper Jr. and an answering machine tycoon and is seen through a brief flashback in The Amelia Earhart Story.

Princess Carolyn had a brief romance with his son resulting in teen pregnancy.

After finding out Princess Carolyn was pregnant he gives her some passive-aggressive advice about how she can survive in a high-class society, as long as people need answering machine tapes. He then proceeded to map out her life for her.

He told Princess Carolyn she will get married before she shows signs of being pregnant, his wife will teach her how to gossip, among other ways to survive in high-society.

However, young Princess Carolyn winds up having a miscarriage and leaves Eden to attend UCLA.

What's worse is that over time answering machines went out of style eventually causing the Wallaces to become impoverished and sell their stately home, which then became a frequent target of vandals.


  • His mother was named Dorothy and intended to name his grandchild after her if the baby was a girl.