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Charlie Rose is a talk show host and a minor character in BoJack Horseman. He is based on the real talk show host of the same name, Charles Peete "Charlie" Rose, Jr. He appears in the pilot in Season 1.

Physical Appearance[]

Charlie Rose is a human seventy-five-year-old human man with short grey hair that is combed over.

He wears a light grey business jacket, a dark grey necktie, and a collared white shirt, and dress shoes. His facial expressions are all very stoic.


He appears to be an exaggerated version of the real Charlie Rose.



Charlie is a seventy-five-year-old male who is the titular host of The Charlie Rose Show.

Season 1[]

The pilot episode begins with a flashback to Horsin' Around, a three-year-old Sarah Lynn and BoJack Horseman are acting, there is a fade into BoJack in an interview with Charlie Rose, eighteen years after his hit sitcom Horsin' Around ended, focusing on his life.

Charlie tells the audience Horsin' Around was initially dismissed by critics as being "broad, saccharine, and not good." However, the show struck a chord with America and went on to air for nine seasons.

Charlie then introduces BoJack and BoJack tells him it's good to be there and apologizes for being late. He then tells Charlie he parked in the handicapped spot and Charlie questions this. BoJack then corrects himself and says "disabled" spot, asking if that's the correct nomenclature.

Charlie then suggests he move the car and BoJack tells Charlie he is drunk and therefore he doesn't think he should drive. Charlie, in disbelief questions, BoJack on whether he is really drunk in that moment.

BoJack then asks Charlie if he's nailing the interview, which Charlie gives him a reluctant "yes" to. Charlie then questions what BoJack attributes the wide appeal of Horsin' Around to. BoJack then says he knows it's hip to shit on Horsin' Around, but says the show is pretty solid for what it is.

He admits "It's not Ibsen" but says that life is "one, long hard kick in the urethra" and at the end of a hard day people just want to watch a show about good, likable people where every problem gets resolved in thirty minutes.

At the mention of real life, Charlie asks what he has done significantly since the cancellation of the show but BoJack is at a loss for words.


  • Charles Peete "Charlie" Rose, Jr. is an actual talk show host on PBS since 1991.
  • He is one of the real-life celebrities who is not voiced by his real-life counterpart.