Charlie Rose is a talk show host, and a minor, recurring character. He is based on the real talk show host of the same name, Charles Peete "Charlie" Rose, Jr.


Charlie Rose is a human seventy-five year old human man with short grey hair that is combed over. He wears a light grey business jacket, a dark grey necktie, and a collared white shirt, and dress shoes. His facial expressions are all very stoic.


Season 1

Charlie is a seventy-five year old male who is the titular host of The Charlie Rose Show.

He is seen interviewing BoJack Horseman about current life events and his time on Horsin' Around in the first episode of Season 1 of BoJack Horseman.

He has a very serious and stoic demeanor and his expressions do not change much at first.

However, the more he has to put up with the drunken antics and shenanigans of BoJack Horseman and the more the interview starts to go awry the more his cool attitude starts to dissolve.

His main role was to explain to his audience what Horsin' Around was, why it was popular twenty years ago, the critics' lukewarm reception to it, in contrast to the audience's adoration, as well as introducing the main star almost two decades after the fact.

BoJack Horseman admits he showed up drunk to the interview and then asks Charlie if he "nailed the interview". Charlie gives him a reluctant yes.

The interview segment abruptly ends when a dumbfounded BoJack can't answer what he has been doing since the ending of the sitcom.


  • Charles Peete "Charlie" Rose, Jr. is an actual talk show host on PBS since 1991.