Charley[1] Witherspoon is a green tree frog who works at the Vigor agency.



He is an intern and also the son of Mr. Witherspoon, the owner of Vigor. He has low self-esteem and its a running gag dealing with the sticky pads on the ends of his fingers. He was the Chief Editor of the Harvard Lampoon magazine.

Season 1


Much to her dismay, Charley is promoted to Princess Carolyn's personal assistant in Say Anything when Vigor merges with another agency.

Vanessa Gecko, Princess Carolyn's rival, offers to use Princess Carolyn’s assistant, Laura, as the merger left them short on assistants. After Vanessa gets demoted, Princess Carolyn gets Laura back.

Season 2

In Season 2, Charley has been promoted to the top of the agency. In Out to Sea, Charley is seen crying, and mentions that his dad had a stroke.

Following his father's death, Charley is promoted to President of the company. Struggling to run the agency, Charley desires some experienced help running the company, and solicits Judah Mannowdog to convince Princess Carolyn to return to Vigor.


Charley Witherspoon model sheet

Charley Witherspoon model sheet

  • While Charley is a tree frog his father is of a seemingly different species of frog, implying he is either adopted or his mother (who is never seen) is a tree frog.


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