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The Celebrity Stealing Club members are recurring characters in BoJack Horseman. They are two human girls who steal from Hollywoob celebrities.

Their first and most prominent appearance is in The Telescope, in Season 1.

Physical Appearance[]


Cammie is also known by the alias "Spring Breaker #1." She has sandy blonde hair above shoulder length, freckles on her face, arms, and stomach.

She wears a lime green bikini top and pink shorts and teal high-top sneakers with pink stripes. She wears a single light blue bracelet on her left wrist and dark blue and pink bracelets on her right wrist and an elaborate pink statement necklace with a blue stone in the center of a pink pendant. She is the pushier one out of the two girls, the older one.


Kenzie is known by the alias "Spring Breaker #2."

She wears her dark brown hair in two pigtails. She wears a teal bikini top with a white zig-zag pattern, jean shorts, lime green high-top sneakers a single bracelet on her left wrist and two on her right wrist, she also is seen wearing a statement necklace. She is the nicer out of the two girls also, the younger one.


Season 1[]

In The Telescope, they end up ransacking BoJack's van, for precious memorabilia, while he is visiting Herb Kazzaz. Todd is left in charge of the van, while Diane and BoJack are visiting Herb, inside his house.

Todd senses tension between the girls and tries to get them to open up about their feelings. When he lets his guard down, they flee the scene, knocking him unconscious.

Season 3[]

in Love And/Or Marriage, they are seen stealing a painting from Alexi Brosefino's house.

Season 5[]

They are seen again stealing a painting, from BoJack's house during his 2018 Halloween party in Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos.

Season 6[]

They are seen once more stealing a painting from the house party that BoJack and Jameson H. briefly visited after sneaking out of rehab in A Horse Walks Into a Rehab.


  • Their whole shtick is inspired by The Bling Ring and the real-life inspiration for that particular film.
  • They are girls whose real names are Cammie and Kenzie, according to the model sheets.
  • There may be more members but they are not shown.
Kenzie with mask model sheet

Kenzie Model Sheet

  • The jewelry the girls are wearing is likely all stolen.
    Mask-less Cammie model sheet

    Cammie Model Sheet

Cammie with mask model sheet

Cammie Mask Model Sheet