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Carla Hall is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She is a spaghetti scientist based on the real Carla Hall. Her only appearance is in That Went Well, in Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

Carla is a human woman with a short curly black afro. She wears thick red rectangular-framed glasses.

She wears a white double-breasted chef's coat with her name monogrammed on the right, white studs in her ears, a gold bangle on her right wrist, pants, shoes.


Season 3[]

In That Went Well, Carla is being interviewed by Tom Jumbo-Grumbo about the consequences of the spilled spaghetti in the ocean. She explains the spaghetti will expand, smothering the town and broil the sealife who reside there.

Tom asks her what could be done to prevent the catastrophe and Carla tells him there would have to be a company with lots of pasta strainers, a fleet of cars, and sexy Orcas to help save Pacific Ocean City. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Peanutbutter goes to the movies and sees Secretariat, but turns off his phone, making him unreachable for the next two hours. Todd wakes up and learns about the situation.

Todd tries unsuccessfully to reach Mr. Peanutbutter, so Todd and the orcas head over to the latter's house to get the strainers. Mr. Peanutbutter finishes the movie and sees that he has ninety-eight missed messages. He listens to two of them and returns home. Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter strap the spaghetti strainers to their cars and drive to the disaster site with the orcas.

Later, Mr. Peanutbutter is getting a lot of attention for helping out in the disaster area. Mr. Peanutbutter tells Princess CarolynRalph, and Diane how he's going to sell the company. He gets a call from his agent with offers for the company.