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The unnamed female cardinal is a one-time, fictional character in BoJack Horseman. She only is seen in The View from Halfway Down, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

She is an adult female red cardinal with a grey beak, black pupils, and thin eyebrows. She wears purple eyeshadow.

She is seen wearing a short-sleeved red dress that is knee-length with frills on the neckline and black pumps.


She has a mischievous and mysterious personality.


Season 6[]

In BoJack's dream sequence from The View from Halfway Down, a younger Beatrice, wearing her debutante outfit, invites Sarah Lynn and BoJack in and Beatrice announces BoJack’s arrival as Sarah Lynn runs into the living room.

BoJack gives his mother the hydrangeas he brought, and she sarcastically thanks him. She puts the plant on the table as black tar starts dripping on the plant from the ceiling. Beatrice tells BoJack that he arrived just in time as a female Cardinal bird had flown in through the window and they’re having trouble getting her out of the house.

In the living room, the other dinner party guests are other people who have predeceased BoJack; Herb Kazzaz, Corduroy Jackson Jackson, and Crackerjack Sugarman. The other guests including Sarah Lynn are chasing around the bird trying to get her out of the house, seemingly having fun while doing it.

Beatrice’s butler tells her someone is on the phone for her, and BoJack is surprised that Zach Braff is her butler. BoJack tries to explain to Beatrice who Zach Braff is, but she simply asks “You mean my butler?” When Beatrice takes the phone call in the kitchen she tells BoJack to help with the bird. BoJack has a brief conversation with Herb who expresses joy at the fact BoJack came to the party. BoJack tells Herb that he kept having a recurring dream about having a dinner party with everyone who had died so he decided to do it for real.

He then has a brief but pleasant interaction with his uncle Crackerjack who tries to help BoJack hit the bird with a pillow until she flies off and Crackerjack moves on. BoJack then has an awkward interaction with Corduroy who asks him if he was still weirded out because the last time he saw Corduroy was when he was “...naked, hanging from [my] iPhone charger, holding a lemon, with a very erect penis despite being deceased in [my] trailer for over an hour." When BoJack answers “Yep," Corduroy tells BoJack that he needs to get over it. When Corduroy tries wrapping a rope that he’s holding around his neck, BoJack sternly stops him and Corduroy stops, stating that he forgot where he was for a second.

Sarah Lynn runs up to BoJack with a fireplace poker, asking if it will help get the bird out of the house. BoJack starts chasing the bird around the living room while the others watch and cheer him on. BoJack chases the bird into the kitchen and she flies out of the window and everyone except Beatrice celebrates.

Later, during the talent show, BoJack states that he needs to make a phone call before running out of the theater and through the dining room. As he runs through the dining room on the dining table he hears indistinct chatter as he’s being chased by the black tar. He runs to the living room and tries to bolt to the exit but the hydrangea plant he had given his mother earlier had mutated and blocked the door.

He runs to the bird he had chased out earlier who had somehow found her way back in the house, telling her that he’s looking for a phone. The bird turns around and her head begins to emerge from her mouth on a continuous loop. As the house continues to fill with black tar, the bird makes its way towards BoJack who takes a poker and chases her into the kitchen. As the bird struggles to make its way out of the window, the black tar consumes her.


Considering each person in the dream are people BoJack knows who have died, it's somewhat implied the bird in the dream could have been the one from BoJack's story about "what happens when a baby bird gets pushed out of the nest too soon" as mentioned in Zoës and Zeldas:

  • Alternatively, cardinals are seen as spiritual messengers. In Cherokee creation stories, the first red bird is the daughter of the sun itself. The Choctaw people believe that the cardinal is an omen regarding relationships. Even the word "cardinal" comes from the Latin word "cardo," meaning hinge or axis, likening the cardinal to the hinge on the doorway between the living and dead.
  • A bird flying into the home also represents foretelling an important message, but if the bird died while in the home it represents death.
  • It could also represent BoJack's heart—first fluttering, then flatlining.