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Bridget is a one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She was a birth mother Princess Carolyn almost adopted from. Her only appearance in Ancient History, in Season 5.

Physical Appearance[]

Bridget is a human woman with layered wavy brown hair that is medium length. She has thin eyebrows, dark brown eyes, and thin pink lips.

She is seen wearing a light blue hospital gown. It is unknown what her everyday attire is.


Season 5[]

In Ancient History, Princess Carolyn gets a phone call from Tracy about a potential adoption candidate, after being rejected by Sadie, while having dinner with Ralph Stilton to discuss turning one of his greeting cards into a film.

Ralph drives Princess Carolyn to the hospital. He tells her he can't believe she's adopting because she was so adamant about having the baby herself, even though he actually suggested adoption. She only decided on it after they broke up.

Princess Carolyn and Ralph apologize to each other, and Ralph says she'll be a great mom. Princess Carolyn in return, says someday he'll be a great dad.


Ralph and Princess Carolyn with Bridget and her son in Ancient History.

Princess Carolyn is at St Bernard Medical Center with Ralph. They talk about their breakup, and how Princess Carolyn wanted Ralph to call her after they broke up. Ralph said he assumed she didn't want to talk to him, as she had told him to get out of her apartment.

Princess Carolyn jokes that the lesson is to never listen to her. Tracy comes and takes her to see her new baby.

Princess Carolyn cradles the baby. The birth mom, Bridget, says she was nervous and felt guilt about adoption, but she's happy that her son is going to a good family—thinking that Ralph and Princess Carolyn are together as a couple. Ralph agrees with what Bridget said. However, Princess Carolyn tells him not to lie.

Ralph says he wants them to be a family, because they wanted it a year ago, and he still wants it. However, Princess Carolyn tells him that she's ready to do this by herself because raising and loving the baby will give her the power to do so.

Unfortunately, this inspires Bridget to want to raise the baby on her own, so she asks for the baby back. Princess Carolyn then reluctantly hands the child back to his birth mother.

Bridget then calls Princess Carolyn inspiring, as she shows her son affection, and asks if Princess Carolyn can "Be [Bridget's] mom too?"