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Brian doing improv with the rest of the group.

Brian is a minor, recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He is a member of Shenanigags. His first appearance is in Yes And, in Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Brian is an adult human man with brown hair with bangs combed over to the left, thick eyebrows, and stubble on his upper lip, chin, and neck. He is seen wearing a pair of large black thin-framed glasses.

According to the model sheets, he's 5 1/2 ft tall.

He is seen wearing a teal collared button-down shirt, dark green sweater, brown sports jacket, navy pants, and light green boots.


Brian was the only one in the group who Todd didn't manage to win over. Little else is known about him or his personal life outside of Shenanigags.


Season 2[]

In Yes And, Todd is seen at the Shenanigags learning about improv. He has won over the group, except Brian. The members explain you get suggestions from the audience, make up scenes based on them, but you're not allowed to ask questions or say no.

You should also try to build on suggestions, called the "Yes and" technique. Todd can't believe how simple improv is, which Brian disagrees with. The members tell him most importantly, improv is about community, which Todd has always want to be a part of.

Todd and the other Shenanigags members are at a bar when one of the members spots Copernicus, who Todd learns is the founder of Shenanigags. Todd wants to talk to him, but the other members stop him, saying you can't just go talk to him.

Brian tells Todd to improv on a random lady, to prove himself worthy. Todd approaches an old woman and improvs her successfully, telling her that her friend exploded, and the gang cheer for him as they all leave. This also gets Copernicus's attention.

In Out to Sea, on the Giggleship, Todd is hanging out with his Shenanigans friends, when he sees a beaten up Brian being carried off by guards because he didn't scrub the floors. Todd goes to see Copernicus so that they can clear things up.


Bryan Model Sheet

Bryan Model Sheet

It is strongly implied throughout Yes And that Shenanigags is a parody of the controversial Church of Scientology. Shenanigags has many traits in common with the Church of Scientology, including:

  • Todd is lured in with promises of a "free" class, only to then be charged $100 for said class.
  • Shenanigags members rise to different "levels" of improv, striving to reach the highest, level nine. This may be a reference to Scientology's Bridge to Total Freedom.
  • Shenanigags members who become problematic, such as Brian, are subjected to harsh punishment, such as hard physical labor, and are physically kept aboard the Giggleship against their will.
  • Copernicus is likely based on L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.