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Bopper is a minor character in BoJack Horseman, appearing in only Time’s Arrow.


Bopper seems to be full of himself, as he is seen combing his crest, however he does seem to show respect for when people tell him to stop. He enjoys whistling, similar to real-life cockatiels.

Physical Appearance[]

Bopper is a male Lutino Cockatiel, who wears a bright blue suit and an orange tie.


Bopper seen in Time’s Arrow. He is seen cat-calling Beatrice outside of Butterscotch’s apartment, by whistling at her and saying “Nice Gams”, which Beatrice replies with “Is that the only thing you can think of to say”, which he repeats “Nice gams”.

When Beatrice announces she’s pregnant to Butterscotch, he whistles again and says “Woah boy.” Butterscotch asks Bopper to leave them alone, revealing his name, and also revealing that his voice was deeper than at first thought.