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This is the image gallery for BoJack's Theme, the opening theme song for BoJack Horseman. This also showcases all the background changes that happen over the course of the series.

Regular Opening Sequence[]

Season 1[]

Live Fast, Diane Nguyen[]

BoJack's bed is now held up with a stack of books, and his ottoman is charred due to Todd jumping on his bed too hard and Sarah Lynn setting the ottoman on fire in the previous episode.

Say Anything[]

Due to the "D" being stolen (and eventually destroyed) in the previous episode, Our A-Story is a "D" Story, for the rest of the series the Hollywood sign becomes the "Hollywoo" sign, and people refer to the town as such until the series finale.

Season 2[]

BoJack now has a new couch and ottoman (which he acquired in Brand New Couch), the second part of the intro now shows BoJack moving through the Secretariat set, and during the party scene the TV now shows Tom Jumbo-Grumbo talking to Sebastian St. Clair on the news.

Brand New Couch[]

The Golden Globe BoJack won for his book in the previous episode now holds his bed up in place of the stack of books.

Still Broken[]

Wanda is now seen in BoJack's living room and flying away, as the two started dating and BoJack asked her to move in with him.

Hank After Dark[]

BoJack's bed is repaired and Corduroy Jackson Jackson is removed from the Secretariat set due to his death, both of which happened in the previous episode.

Let's Find Out[]

Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter have disappeared from the Secretariat set due to Diane leaving for Cordovia.

Yes And[]

Kelsey was fired as director of Secretariat at the end of the previous episode and was replaced by Abe D'Catfish. He appears in place of Kelsey on the Secretariat set for the rest of the season.

Escape from L.A.[]

Instead of the usual opening theme, "Kyle and the Kids," a parody of sitcom openings, plays when BoJack discovers Charlotte is married with kids.

Out to Sea[]

Wanda no longer appears in BoJack's living room, as the two broke up in Yes And.

Season 3[]

The second part of the intro now shows BoJack at the premiere of Secretariat. Additionally, during the party scene the TV now shows Tom Jumbo-Grumbo interviewing Sextina Aquafina.

Start Spreading The News[]

The boat BoJack bought in Escape from L.A. now appears in his driveway.

Old Acquaintance[]

Todd and Emily started their Cabracadabera business in the previous episode, and the business was set up in BoJack's living room. Diane does not appear, as in BoJack Kills she believed she needs a bit of space from BoJack. Due to Character Actress Margo Martindale taking BoJack's boat to escape from the police in the previous episode, BoJack's boat is gone from his driveway

Best Thing That Ever Happened[]

The Cabracadabra employees are now replaced by the orca dancers from Whale World, as he hired them to be the drivers in the previous episode.

It's You[]

Due to BoJack firing Princess Carolyn in the previous episode, she no longer appears in his kitchen.

That's Too Much, Man![]

Due to a party held in the previous episode by BoJack after being falsely nominated for an Oscar, trash can he found in the background, and his back window is shattered from a tesla he backed into it. Additionally, he is the only character shown in the scene.

That Went Well[]

Sarah Lynn no longer appears in the party scene, as she died at the end of the previous episode.

Season 4[]

The second sequence of the intro now shows BoJack viewing kaleidoscope like imagery that includes events and people from his past. During the party scene the TV shows Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz, and Katrina is shown next to the TV.

Commence Fracking[]

BoJack's living room is tidied up and his window is repaired thanks to Todd, who cleaned the house when lying about Hollyhock being a maid in the previous episode. Hollyhock, BoJack's alleged daughter, now appears in BoJack's living room and kitchen eating a Pop-Tart, as before the intro was shown in this episode, BoJack agreed to let her stay with him until they found her birth mother. The cacti, dish soap, and sponge also disappear from BoJack's kitchen.

Stupid Piece of Sh*t[]

At the end of the previous episode, BoJack got Beatrice, who now has dementia, kicked out of her nursing home, and as a result of these factors he begrudgingly let her move in, along with her nurse Tina. They now appear in BoJack's living room, along with Beatrice's belongings, which sit by the TV, and two boxes of her mail and other belongings sit next to the kitchen. Hollyhock also now has some of her belongings next to the sofa, such as her backpack, spy bag, and carrot pillow, and a photo collage of her and her fathers is taped to the window. Instead of a Pop-Tart, Hollyhock is now seen being served coffee by Beatrice. A coffee maker can be seen next to the sink.

Time's Arrow[]

Hollyhock was taken back home by her fathers after overdosing on amphetamines in the previous episode, and as a result her belongings and collage are gone, with the latter leaving bits of tape behind on the window, although her carrot pillow was left behind. It was also revealed Beatrice had been drugging Hollyhock's coffee with weight loss amphetamines, infuriating BoJack, which led him to place Beatrice in another nursing home, eliminating her and Tina from the intro. Beatrice's belongings, mail, and the coffee maker still remain.

Season 5[]

Hollyhock and Beatrice's belongings have disappeared from BoJack's living room.

The second part of the intro now shows BoJack moving through the Philbert set, which looks identical to his own house. The living room includes a burned ottoman similar to BoJack's ottoman after it was set on fire by Sarah Lynn in Prickly-Muffin, and before he replaced it and his couch in Brand New Couch. His costar Gina, Flip, Princess Carolyn, and Todd appears in the background.

Mr. Peanutbutter's new girlfriend, Pickles, appears in the party scene in place of Katrina, and A Ryan Seacrest Type can be seen talking about Philbert on Morning Time Holllywoo.

The Light Bulb Scene[]

The TV shows a tribute to Ralph Carney, who composed the BoJack Horseman Theme with his nephew Patrick Carney. He passed away on December 16, 2017.

The Dog Days Are Over[]

An episode of Philbert now plays on BoJack's TV for the rest of the season.

In the previous episode, Todd inadvertently became the President of Ad Sales for WhatTimeIsItRightNow.Com. As such, he is now wearing a suit in the scenes of the intro he is in, and he is shown signing papers on the Philbert set with an older female assistant.

Before the events of Season 5, which are seen in multiple flashbacks throughout this episode, Diane had her hair cut into a very short bob, and she now has this hairstyle in the intro.

BoJack the Feminist[]

BoJack and Gina have started sleeping together (although they started having sex in The Light Bulb Scene, they likely became more serious after the previous episode, as at the end Gina actually spent the night with BoJack for the first time.)

She appears in his living room listening to music, and then in the kitchen eating an apple. Gina is also not wearing her outfit for Philbert but instead more casual attire.

The Amelia Earhart Story[]

In Philbert, Mr. Peanutbutter was cast as Fritz, Philbert's dead partner, and Diane was hired as a consulting producer. As such they appear on the Philbert set, along with some extra crew members. Mr. Peanutbutter is entertaining the crew with his humor, much to BoJack's annoyance, while Diane appears annoyed by Flip's pretentiousness.


Diane's therapist wants to tell her mediator wife, Mary-Beth, about her week with her clients, but due to doctor-patient confidentiality she changes the clients names and defining characteristics. As such, BoJack becomes "BoBo The Angsty Zebra," and the opening theme now depicts him as a zebra. He is also shown as a zebra on the TV in the living room and part scenes, and on the magazine hanging outside his bedroom Horsin' Around becomes Stripin' Around.

Mr. Peanutbutter's Boos[]

Mr. Peanutbutter now appears during the party scene. However, he is dressed as his Philbert character, Fritz, Philbert's dead partner, and he looks rather serious and ominous similar to said character. This is likely to represent how due to BoJack's growing opioid addiction, which he was given for badly hurting his back during a failed stunt in "The Amelia Earhart Story," he is having trouble distinguishing Philbert from his real life, as he and Philbert share many similar characteristics, Philbert's house is designed identical to his, he is dating his costar Gina who plays Philbert's fellow officer and romantic interest, and many of the people in his life including Princess Carolyn, Mr. Peanutbutter, Diane, and Todd are all involved in the show somehow.

Ancient History[]

Instead of wearing his bathrobe, BoJack wears his Philbert costume despite not having to, as the first season of Philbert wraps up before the opening credits play in this episode. This is even pointed out by the drug dealer BoJack tries to get painkillers from later in the episode. This further shows BoJack's growing opioid addiction and his growing inability to distinguish Philbert from his real life.

The Showstopper[]

Instead of the usual opening titles, the Philbert Theme plays.

The Stopped Show[]

BoJack is still wearing his Philbert costume, but in the previous episode his addiction got so bad during a shooting for Philbert he nearly strangled Gina to death while high on opioids. She no longer appears in his living room, as she tells him in this episode she wants nothing to do with him, but refuses to let him tell the truth because then all she'll be known for is "the girl who got chocked by BoJack Horseman."

Diane no longer appears on the Philbert set due to a falling out with BoJack she had in Head in the Clouds, due to him saying to an audience at the premier that Philbert helps people justify their bad actions. After their fight about BoJack's past horrible deeds, including what happened with Penny, she decides to not return to the show.

Princess Carolyn also does not appear on the set anymore. This may have to do with her later in the episode leaving for North Carolina to adopt her baby from Sadie after Philbert is cancelled due to allegations against Henry Fondle.


Season 6[]

Mr. Peanutbutter’s expression is slightly different

A Horse Walks into a Rehab[]

The original theme initially begins, in a more saturated appearance, before a film burn effect abruptly ends it and transitions to the beginning of the episode

A Quick One, While He's Away[]

Diane now has slightly longer hair and a new outfit, and is significantly heavier due to starting antidepressants in the previous episode. Despite BoJack also getting a new outfit and a shorter grey hairstyle, his appearance remains the same.