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1475 Luck Hoof Avenue[1], more simply known as "BoJack's House," is the residence of BoJack Horseman in Los Angeles, California.

Physical Appearance[]

The two story, modernist architecture house is painted grey and has a view of the Hollywood Hills. Its interior consists of multiple rooms including an open-concept living room, dining area, and kitchen where most scenes take place.

Other rooms include BoJack's bedroom and master bathroom, an office, and billiard room. The residence is confirmed to have an unseen guest bedroom, much to the surprise of Todd Chavez who spent years sleeping on the couch. Exterior locations include the back deck and pool area, a two-car garage, and a front lawn decorated with palm trees and a gilded front gate.



BoJack purchased the Laurel Canyon[2] residence in the 1980s with the proceeds from his role on Horsin' Around. He lived there exclusively until the end of Season 2 when he spent two months living in Tesuque, New Mexico and then again in Season 6 during his rehab stint at Pastiches Malibu Rehabilitation Center. Eventually after losing his residuals and royalties from Horsin' Around as well as costly legal fees from being sued by Xerox, BoJack is forced to sell the property.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

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Season 6[]

In The Face of Depression, BoJack finally returns home from rehab, but as he cleans up rotting food in his kitchen he is haunted by his past horrible actions that occurred in his house. He leaves and drives to an AA meeting, where he recognizes an older Sharona by her tattoos.

Later, BoJack is seen talking to the Dean at Wesleyan in his home office, questioning why he hasn’t heard anything back yet. She explains they have other applicants being considered for the job.

At the AA meeting, BoJack confesses he still can't get comfortable in his house—it's huge and perfect but at the same time, it feels like the worst place on earth. He says he doesn't want to be the horse he was before, but it's the same house and the same city, and nothing has changed. He then wonders what he's supposed to do.

Sharona seems to emphasize with him, and when the meeting ends she walks up to him. She tells him last time she saw him was her rock bottom, she's been sober ever since, and everything worked out for her. BoJack asks her to let him apologize and she does. She then asks "What do you say? Once more for old time's sake?"

At BoJack's house, Sharona cuts his hair and discovers he’s been dyeing it all these years. When she’s finished, BoJack's hair is now shorter and grey. He replies he looks old. BoJack then gets a call from the Wesleyan Dean, telling him he got the job, and the spring semester starts next week. BoJack smiles and accepts, saying he'll be on the next plane.

In The Horny Unicorn, BoJack is sitting at home in his living room watching TV when he gets a phone call from Gaz his accountant and his lawyer Chaz. Chaz and Gaz tell BoJack the good news is that the Sarah Lynn settlement isn't going to kill them, but the bad news is he is being sued for a hundred million dollars by the Xerox company for their brand name being implicated in his untoward behavior in the Biscuits interview. BoJack then asks what their next move is and Gaz tells him it's funny he mentioned the word "move."

The doorbell rings and BoJack finds out his home has been sold to another family. BoJack is then handed his mail by the real estate agent as he is being kicked out. BoJack goes through the mail and sees a letter from Hollyhock. After holding it up to the sun his hands start to shake and he looks around nervously. He then tucks the envelope in his jacket pocket before walking away from his former home.

In Angela, BoJack breaks into his old home forgetting he no longer lives there. He steals chips, a vodka bottle, and some drugs.

BoJack is then watching his screen test in his old living room for Horsin' Around. A younger Herb gives young BoJack pointers when he is nervous and recites Ethan's lines instead of his own. Young BoJack then gets the scene right and Herb tells him his life is about to start. BoJack then turns off the TV and his reflection is seen on the TV screen.

In Nice While It Lasted, the living room of BoJack's old house is seen with the series finale of Horsin' Around playing on the TV. There is a mess of shards of broken glass, a bag of spilled chips, drugs, a stack of Horsin' Around Blu-rays on the couch, and a bottle of vodka.

The new family who lives there arrives, and is shocked to find the mess. Outside of the window BoJack is seen floating unconscious in the pool.

BoJack is sentenced to Super-Max Prison for fourteen months.


  1. BoJack's address can be clearly seen during the trailer for the latter half of Season 6
  2. Revealed by Princess Carolyn in the Season 2 episode Brand New Couch (Princess Carolyn to BoJack: "You jogged here from Laurel Canyon?")