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Bird Man Season 3

The Bird Man in That's Too Much, Man!

The unnamed Bird Man is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman.

He makes his first appearance in That's Too Much, Man!, in Season 3. Although his most prominent appearance is in A Quick One, While He's Away, in Season 6.


Bird Man talks in a mysterious manner, especially as he talks about Sarah Lynn. BoJack Horseman calls his addiction story boring in That's Too Much, Man! Little else is known about him.

Physical Appearance[]

Bird Man is an adult male bird with red feathers and a pink beak.

He is seen wearing a business suit consisting of a gray sports jacket and grey dress pants with a black belt. Under his jacket, he wears a teal button-down shirt with a navy bow tie. He wears a navy top hat with a black band and red leather boots.


Season 3[]

In That's Too Much, Man!, Sarah Lynn reveals to BoJack when he comes over and he asks about getting drugs, that her whole house has hidden drugs. Also, she reveals she has the liquor store deliver alcohol to her home. They then proceed to drink and do drugs, as they reminisce and watch old episodes of Horsin' Around. However, BoJack begins to experience blackouts.

After a few blackouts, in which Sarah Lynn asks to go to the planetarium twice, only for BoJack to reject her as he thinks dome-shaped buildings are dumb. They end up at an AA meeting because Sarah Lynn wants to get her nine-month sobriety chip.

There they have to listen to Bird Man. He talks about how "People don't change because they want to change, they change because they have to change". BoJack boos him and calls his speech boring. As the next speaker comes up and starts to talk, BoJack questions if any of them have ever been "drunks" (Due to them leading very ordinary lives compared to BoJack).

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AA Meeting in That's Too Much, Man!

Bird Man responds to BoJack by saying they have all done things. He then says one time he didn't want his roommate to move out, so he hired character actress Anne Dowd to sabotage his roommate's hip-hop opera so he wouldn't move out. BoJack responds with "That's baby stuff," BoJack then goes up to the podium, as he is fed up with all the boring stories, and drunkenly explains the details of what happened with him and Penny in Escape from L.A.

As he is telling the story, Bird Man reacts by saying "Oh god." When BoJack is done with his story, he says "Anyone got a better story than that?" Bird Man then responds with "Wow."

Later, in the car, Sarah Lynn tells BoJack everyone left the meeting because "[BoJack] bummed everyone out" with his Penny story.

Season 6[]

He makes a return in A Quick One, While He's Away. The reporters Paige and Maximillian find their way to an AA meeting. Maximillian tells Paige he wants a drink. Paige reminds him to stay focused on their mission, as there was another person with Sarah Lynn who wasn't mentioned in the police report. If Sarah Lynn came to this same location for AA meetings, someone might have seen her. They interview people coming out of the building and make a list of celebrities who have attended meetings there.


Interview with Max and Paige in A Quick One, While He's Away

Finally, the bird man confesses he saw Sarah Lynn a month before she died and she was clearly using. They ask him if she said anything and he says she didn't but her friend did. They press him on who this friend was, but he says he can't remember, but the man told the people at the AA meeting a story about when he went to New Mexico and met a mother and daughter and had sex with one of them but he can't remember which one the man had sex with.

The girl's name was Penny Carson and the narrator of the story was weirdly proud of it. The bird man told the reporters that the narrator told the people at the meeting they could look her up, "Penny Carson" was her real name, and he wondered why the narrator wanted them to look her up. The reporters then decide to go to New Mexico.