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Beverly is an unseen, one-time character in BoJack Horseman. She was a resident at Pastiches Malibu. She is mentioned in Feel-Good Story, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

It is not known what Beverly looks like or what species she is.


Beverly seems to constantly pester BoJack, by taking his snack kits and constantly being positive, much to BoJack's dismay. Little else is known about her personality.


Season 6[]

In Feel-Good Story, when Diane is in Chicago, BoJack (as a voice-over) tells Diane about a woman at Pastiches, named Beverly, who stole his snack kit. BoJack explains they build their snack kits as a team-building exercise, for their morning hikes. BoJack says he put an extra bag of candied nuts in the snack pack. BoJack says he even labeled them with his initials so that everybody would know they were his.

BoJack then says Beverly saw the 'B' and assumed it was for her, thinking she had a secret admirer, and the 'B' stood for Beverly. BoJack then says he should never expect anything nice, such as an extra bag of candied nuts. BoJack then asks Diane what's new with her. He then says he's just kidding, and he knows she can't answer since this is a letter.

Later, BoJack continues the story of Beverly stealing his snack kits. He says Beverly thought the initials "BH" stood for Beverly here you go. BoJack sys Beverly can't even eat the nuts, because she's allergic, and she usually just ends up giving them to BoJack. BoJack then says Doctor Champ would say it means something, that the universe has a way of looking out for us. BoJack finally concludes it is working for him. He says he hopes everything is working out for Diane too.

As Diane is in her taxi back to L.A., BoJack (as a voice-over) says it was Beverly's last day. He talks about how everyone was really excited for her, but Beverly was really disappointed, as she never finds out who her secret admirer was. BoJack finally admits Beverly's "secret admirer" was him.

Beverly is disappointed at this, as she was hoping it was Mario, and everybody else made BoJack feel guilty for making Beverly cry on her last day. This causes BoJack to wonder if it was worth it to keep Beverly happy for a little bit, even though it ended up being sad. He then wonders if it would have been better, if the whole thing never happened, to begin with.

BoJack continues to say, every time someone leaves rehab, it makes you think about your own progress. He says some days he feels like he is not progressing at all, and other days only a little. He then goes on to say how he feels stupid, for not doing this sooner. BoJack says he wasted so many years being miserable, because he assumed that was the only way to be, and he doesn't want to do that anymore. He also asks is he crazy, or has he gotten really good at writing letters.


  • She had a crush on Mario, as she was hoping he was her "secret admirer."
  • She has a nut allergy.
  • Her last name was never revealed and she was never shown on screen.