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Baxter Bellamy is an unseen recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He is the husband of Paige Sinclair. He is first mentioned in A Quick One, While He's Away, in Season 6.

Physical Appearance[]

It is not known what Baxter looks like or what species he is.


Baxter's personality is not known.



Season 6[]

In A Quick One, While He's Away at the Hollywoo Reporter, star reporter Paige Sinclair announces she is quitting, as she is getting married and feels the newsroom is no place for a domesticated woman. Another reporter, Maximillian Banks, reveals Sarah Lynn's mother Carol Himmelfarb-Richardson keeps calling the publication to get information about the details surrounding her daughter's death.

This gets Paige's attention and she decides to investigate it further. The Editor-in-Chief tells her there's no story, just an open-and-shut about a pop star who overdosed. Paige replies that the case is all the better for opening and shutting. She then calls her fiancé and postpones the wedding to investigate the case.

Later, after interviewing Bird Man the reporters arrive in New Mexico. Paige is talking from a phone booth telling her fiance to postpone the wedding a little while longer, as their story has led them to New Mexico. She tells him she hasn't sorted out when they'll return.


In Good Damage, in New Mexico, the reporters Max and Paige are outside of Rattlesnack's Diner. Paige is updating her fiance, Baxter, on their progress on their Penny Carson crusade. She tells him they have tried contacting three out of four people living in New Mexico named "Penny Carson." Paige states would love to go on their honeymoon with him but she cannot as she and Max are hot on the trail of their story. Max sees Penny waitressing at the diner through the window and points her out to Paige. Paige tells Baxter they have found their deer.

In Sunk Cost and All That, Mr. Peanutbutter with Max and Paige at Elefino, saying he'd be delighted to answer questions about his good friend BoJack.

Paige tells her husband, Baxter, they are back from New Mexico and still on the trail of their story, while Mr. Peanutbutter tells Max about BoJack selling the restaurant to him and Joey Pogo.


  • It is unknown if Paige took his last name, he took Paige's last name, or they got a hyphenated name (i.e Bellamy-Sinclair or Sinclair-Bellamy).
    • Though it is unlikely Baxter took Paige's last name due to her traditional views on marriage.