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BoJack and the baby seahorse after escaping the taffy factory.

An unnamed Baby Seahorse who was a prominent character in Fish Out Of Water, in Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

He is an infant male seahorse with dark orange skin, light orange spots, eyelids, and lips.



An unnamed baby seahorse encountered by BoJack, after getting unintentionally left behind by his father.

Season 3[]

In Fish Out Of Water, BoJack helps the pregnant father of baby seahorse give birth on a bus. The father then leaves the bus with the siblings leaving Infant Seahorse behind.

There is a whole entire montage involving BoJack's journey to return the baby to his father's apartment.

This includes being chased by a shark when BoJack did not have the local seashell currency to pay for Seahorse Baby Formula and ends up having to shoplift it to feed the baby.

They eventually end up at the Saltwater Taffy Factory where the seahorse dad works. BoJack then returns the baby home safe and sound, where the father offers him the local underwater currency.

Also, to stay with them for dinner as a reward but BoJack refuses both these things and leaves knowing the seahorse baby is safe.

He heads to the opening-night party, for Secretariat, where he learns the movie was a huge hit.



  • It is unknown who or where the mother of this seahorse is, as only his father has been shown.
    • Presumably the father could be a single parent.
  • He lives in the Pacific Ocean.
  • This could also be alluding to BoJack wanting a family of his own or wanting to be a father himself.
    • It may also be yet another way, to show his own guilt about the way he has treated people, and his wanting external validation he is a good person.