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Are You Responsible for the Dysfunction of Others? Is a self-help book written by Dr. Indira. It is seen in INT. SUB, in Season 5.


Season 5[]

In INT. SUB, Diane is at a counseling session with Dr. Indira. She shows Dr. Indira the "BoBo Tape" which is a recording of BoBo (BoJack) narrating the incidents in Escape from L.A.

Diane feels she is the one to blame for the situation, Dr. Indira re-assures her that she is not responsible for the dysfunction of others. She shows Diane the book she wrote titled Are You Responsible for the Dysfunction of Others?.

She flips the book to Chapter 12, where the words "NO" in big letters and red are shown. She follows it by saying "Because guess what? You're not!"


  • The cover of the book reveals Dr. Indira's last name to be Dadyshue.