Angelica Buenaventura is a minor character in BoJack Horseman. She is the wife of Mr. Buenaventura and the mother of Yolanda and Mindy. Angelica is introduced along with the rest of Yolanda's family in Planned Obsolescence in Season 5.

Physical Appearance

Angelica is a female axolotl. She has bags under her eyes and a very voluptuous figure. She has pink skin, magenta lips, blue eyes, magenta freckles on her nose and cheeks, and her external gills are blonde and hang down.

Angelica wears lingerie consisting of a golden yellow sleeveless deep v-necked wrap top with tiny yellow sequins and a thin sash that is tied in a bow at the bottom on it that exposes her cleavage, a sheer satin lavender robe with fuzzy purple trim at the cuffs of the sleeves, white shorts with blue trim, and purple high heels with red and green straps.


Angelica is an adult film star who finds asexuality fascinating and is sex-crazed like her husband and daughter Mindy. Not much else is known about her.

Angelica attempts to seduce Todd.


Season 5

In Planned Obsolescence, Yolanda takes Todd to meet her sex-obsessed family. Beforehand, she reveals to him she hasn't come out to them as asexual yet, and they need to pretend they're sexually active.

During dinner, Yolanda lies to her family that Todd graduated from college. Todd is shown to be uncomfortable with their sex obsession, especially when Mindy hits on him.

Yolanda tries to excuse themselves, but her parents insist on staying the night and having sex.

When Todd tells Yolanda Mindy tried to hit on him, Yolanda tells him how in high school when she was still trying to figure out her sexuality, she dressed like Mindy and tries to seduce her boyfriend. She realized she wasn't into it, but Mindy found out, and now she probably wants to get back at her.

Yolanda's mom, Angelica, asks Todd for some help moving something. Todd goes to help her but when he gets to the room she is naked. When he isn't aroused, Angelica confirms her theory that he is asexual, and Todd accidentally confirms this.

Todd hurries out but gets pulled into Mindy's room. She tells him to meet her under the oak tree at midnight for sex. Todd escapes and gets back to Yolanda's room and tells her what happened. Yolanda suggests that she dress up as Mindy and tell their mom that Todd made a pass at her.

Todd is cornered by Angelica while Yolanda sneaks into Mindy's room in order to steal her clothes. Angelica still wants to be seduced by Todd, as she is fascinated by asexuality. Mindy returns, mad that Todd stood her up, and sees Yolanda's clothes on the floor in her room.

Yolanda knocks on her mom's door but hears Mindy being called by their father, so she goes to see him. Todd tells her mom to go put on every piece of clothing she owns because asexuals do that so they don't appear sexy.

Yolanda's dad shows "Mindy" a barrel of her grandmother's secret lubricant that he wants to give Yolanda, and tells her it's worth $100,000 dollars. Mindy goes into Yolanda's room pretending to be Yolanda and trying to seduce Todd, although the real Yolanda comes in telling Todd about the lube.

She notices Mindy and they start wrestling. They bring the fight out into the hall, accidentally opening the lube barrel, causing it to spill everywhere. Yolanda's dad asks Todd, to plug the hole with his erect penis, but Todd decides to use his toe instead. As he goes to do it, he slips and pushes the barrel off the edge of the balcony. It falls to the ground and breaks.

The whole family continues to fight each other. After Todd slips out of the house, while Yolanda is fighting her sister, she finally blurts out to everyone that she is asexual.

On the car ride home, it's revealed Yolanda's family was very accepting of her asexuality.


  • Her filmography includes:
    • Titty in Pink
    • The Breakfast Chub
    • Homo Bone
    • Penis Beuller Gets Off
    • Planes, Trains, and Auto-Erotic Mobiles
    • Sixteen Cans
    • Cum Kind of Wonderful
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