Angela Diaz is an executive producer working for ABC, who acted as chief executive producer of Horsin' Around and a minor character in BoJack Horseman.


Season 1


Angela, who is only seen in flashbacks, is first seen in The Telescope with two other executives from ABC, watching Herb Kazzaz perform one of his stand-up routines in the mid 1980s.

After leaving a good impression, he pitches the idea for Horsin' Around to the executives later that night. They buy his pitch for the show, with Herb becoming the show's writer and BoJack playing the main role.

Years later, in the early 90s, Herb is to be fired for being involved in a public scandal involving him being caught doing lewd acts with another man, and he requests of BoJack to threaten to leave the show should they fire him.

BoJack accepts, and meets with Angela the next day.

She coldly explains to him the situation, stating that he has the potential to become a star (including starring in the Secretariat movie) but in order to achieve that, he has to make difficult choices for the benefit of his career.

She talks him out of leaving the show, and Herb is fired the next day. This destroys their friendship, as BoJack betrayed Herb when he most needed him.

She also makes a cameo in Hank After Dark in the flashback to the 1994 Animal Choice Awards, at the after party.


Angela is very cold and uncaring in her actions, presumably being shaped by her job and experience. She prioritizes professionalism and efficiently doing her job, not giving thought to the individuals hurt in the process. She even said herself that making decisions that could ruin people's careers and lives is something she does on a daily basis.