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These are the quotes said by Ana Spanakopita

Season 2[]

Out to Sea[]

Ana: Ana Spanakopita. Big fan. I meant you are going to be a big fan of me because I am going to win you an Oscar. You're funny. I am literally laughing out loud.

Season 3[]

Start Spreading The News[]

Brrap Brrap Pew Pew[]

Ana: It's okay. When you fired me, it was thrilling. Nobody talks to me like that. It reminded me that I work for you and I liked that. Do you like that? Being in control? Being the star? You’re my star, BoJack. My shining star. But don’t you ever try to screw me again, do you understand?

Old Acquaintance[]

Ana: (to Bradley, harshly) You are not a television star. You have no talent and I am forgetting your face even as I'm looking at it. Pack your bags. Go back to "Nowheresville." Thank you for the champagne. Best regards, Ana Spanakopita.

Season 5[]

BoJack the Feminist[]