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These are the quotes said by Abe D'Catfish

Season 2[]

Yes And[]

BoJack: You sure we got it, Abe?

Abe: Of course, you were phenomenal

BoJack: Really? Because that kid sneezed in the middle of my monologue

Abe: We can fix that in post

Debra: Abe I'm supposed to tell you the boom mic fell in the last shot

BoJack: You sure you don't want to get another take? Just for safety?

Abe: What am I, Kubrick? We can fix all this stuff in post. It's an easy scene, Secretariat's a nice guy, the spanish kid learns a lesson. Boom. Bam. Done!

BoJack: But Secretariat never actually taught math in South Central

Abe: I don't know what Secretariat did or didn't do, I wasn't there!

BoJack: Yeah but-

Abe: Okay, so the studio wants gangbangers? We'll give them gangbangers, we get paid either way right?

BoJack: I guess

Abe: I can't wait to get home. I got coq au vin in the slow cooker! You like coq au vin?

BoJack: I think so, is that the movie where the french girl-

Abe: Come over for dinner, Okay?

BoJack: That is not what I thought Coq Au Vin was but its great

Abe: Well I'm no Emeril Lagasse, but we do get by

Abe's Wife: Oh, Stop.

Abe: Bam! Like Emeril, Ha! Remember that, he said Bam!

Wanda: I don't know who Emeril is but he sounds delightful, Hey should I give him a sitcom?

Abe's Wife: BoJack, Abe tells me you guys are almost done with the movie

Abe: One week left!

Abe's Wife: You two lovebirds gonna do any traveling or anything?

Wanda: Well apparently I'll be traveling back and forth to New York for the next few months because BoJack's doing a play there after you finish!

Abe's Wife: Oh I love plays

Abe: Plays!

Abe's Wife: That's my favorite place to eat crinkly candies!

BoJack: Yeah, I can't wait to finally work on something good, you know?

Abe's Wife: Oh?

BoJack: Although I gotta hand it to your husband, It has been a really painless shoot, even though the movie's gonna be a piece of shit, right?

Abe: What?

Wanda: Ohh, you said "Piece of ship" right?, like ship-shape, Anyway, what were we talking about, who knows? Okay, moving on-

BoJack: Hey, its fine, Abe knows what we're making, right?

Abe's Wife: Wanda, would you help me with dessert

Wanda: Uh, okay

Abe: Yeah, New York is so great in the summer, but I don't think we're going to be done in time. We're looking at a ton of reshoots.

BoJack: Reshoots are you kidding?

Abe: Well you know, because the movie is such a piece of shit and all

BoJack: Did that hurt your feelings? I mean you're the one that said we're not making Casablanca

Abe: Right, because Casablanca is a movie about a club owner named Rick, this movie's about Secretariat, a Racehorse

BoJack: Wait, you literally meant we're not making the actual movie Casablanca?

Abe: That movie already exists, why would we make Casablanca? This is a different movie.

BoJack: I think there was a misunderstanding.

Season 3[]