Abe D'Catfish is a catfish director who replaces Kelsey Jannings after Lenny Turteltaub fires her.


Season 2

Abe and BoJack butted heads after BoJack accidentally insulted his films due to a misunderstanding.

Abe said the movie they were filming was not Casablanca. BoJack misunderstands what this means.

Abe literally meant the movie Secretariat they were filming was not Casablanca, because the film Casablanca already exists.

BoJack thought this meant the movie they were filming was not a masterpiece and takes a stab at the project insulting it over dinner at Abe's house.

He then passive-aggressively makes BoJack re-shoot the same scenes over and over.

Season 3

He later appears at the premiere of Secretariat at the Pacific Ocean City Film festival. He is seen at the after party where he buys BoJack a drink from a Blobfish bartender in Fish Out of Water.


Abe is a middle-aged overweight dark brown catfish with a grey patch on his chin. He has grey gills that point down vaguely representing a mustache.

He wears a salmon pink collared button-down shirt, blue knitted vest with pink trim, grey pants, black belt, and teal sneakers, and cell phone holder clipped to his waist.

He wears a blue baseball cap with a white front panel with a front dark blue oval shaped logo that reads "GONE FISHING" in capital light pink lettering.

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