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BoJack's meeting with Jill Pill

A Manhattan Diner is a one-time location in BoJack Horseman. It is located in Manhattan, New York. It is seen in Start Spreading The News, in Season 3.

Physical Appearance[]

A Manhattan Diner is a beige-colored building with brick siding and large windows and a teal awning with the name of the diner written in white lettering.

The interior has dark teal booths for seating and tables. The brown walls have a teal siding and various posters on the walls. In the back of the restaurant is the kitchen.


Season 3[]

In Start Spreading The News, BoJack goes to see a "theatrical immersion" titled The Tragedie of Greg Kinglearwhich was created by Jill Pill.

BoJack goes to lunch with Jill afterward. She asks if he's talked to Cuddlywhiskers at all, and tells him to when he returns to L.A., as she hasn't heard from him in months because he owes him. Jill says she's ending her play. She wants BoJack for her next project.

BoJack tells her that he's not the guy that does edgy things and how he's trying to win an Oscar and thinking about his legacy now. Jill tells him that nothing lasts, but BoJack says that if he wins an Oscar, he'll be remembered.


  • One of the posters is a parody of the play Hamilton.
  • There is also a "lost dog" poster, with a similar-looking "lost human" poster not too far from it on the wall.