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A Kernel of Truth is a fictional, in-universe Broadway musical in BoJack Horseman.


It was critically-panned, but Gina loved it and listened to the soundtrack regularly, because of the show's significance in her childhood.


In 1712, American colonist Sybilla Masters, implied to be a member of a corn-farming family—is perfecting her invention, a mill tower to grind corn kernels. She is determined to build this mill tower and solve her family's problems. However, she is discouraged from going through with it, due to doubts that she can be a "female inventor."

Track List[]

  1. Born for the Corn
  2. Get Me Out of This Maize
  3. Cream of the Crop
  4. My Job is the Cob
  5. What the Shuck!
  6. She Stalks the Night

The full album contains 21 songs, but the titles for tracks 7-21 are unknown.


  • When Gina Cazador was a little girl her mom took her to see this musical and she was captivated by it. Even into adulthood, she listens to it because "it reminds [her] of a time [she] was less jaded."