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Fuck is a profanity, which is mostly used as an interjection to express anger, although it has a number of other meanings, such as a derogatory term for sexual intercourse, an insult to call a person, or, when put in the form of a gerund, an intensifier, mainly used negatively but it can also be used positively, albeit rather unprofessionally.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

  • In Escape from L.A., Charlotte threatened BoJack to stay away from her daughter and threatened him "If you ever try to contact me, or my family again, I will fucking kill you."

Season 3[]

  • In It's You, Todd gets fed up with BoJack's constant selfish behavior and tells him that he needs to stop blaming his wrongdoings on alcohol, drugs, his childhood, and career and to start looking at his own actions and realizing the consequences of those actions. He capped off his speech with "Fuck, man. What else is there to say?"

Season 4[]

  • In Thoughts and Prayers, it was BoJack himself who said to Hollyhock that when he got his mom to start remembering who he was, he was going to ensure that the first thing he says to her upon recognition is "Fuck you, mom!"

Season 5[]

  • In The Showstopper, after BoJack strangled Gina in a drug-induced rage, she says to him, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Season 6[]

  • In A Quick One, While He's Away, Gina's unnamed co-star says "What the fuck is wrong with you?" after she falls in an unplanned dance routine, which scares Gina, as it reminded her of how she was strangled by BoJack in the previous season's episode and said that exact same quote to him. This is the one main instance in the show's history where the word is not used in the context of BoJack breaking ties with another character.


Live Fast, Diane Nguyen[]

  • When being told that he's a Vietnamese immigrant, Artie denies this and claims that he and his family are as American as "Pho," with "Pho" being a Vietnamese soup.

Love And/Or Marriage[]

  • Diane begins to shout "Motherfucker!" but gets cut off by the end of the episode.

Brrap Brrap Pew Pew[]

  • Diane finished her expletive from the previous episode, saying "-ucker!" However, she never said the full word, meaning the writers technically followed their "only once per season" rule.

Commence Fracking[]

  • While Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter have sex, they use the word "Frack" in the place of "Fuck."

Time's Arrow[]

  • BoJack leaves his mother in a low quality retirement home and the latter starts to regain her sense of where she is. As BoJack stated previously, when given the opportunity, he'd say "Fuck you, mom!" so that she would be able to hear it. However, instead of seizing this opportunity, he instead hesitated and lied to her, that she was back at her lake house, eating ice cream and listening to her brother play the piano.

A Horse Walks into a Rehab[]

  • Jameson H., when referring to her ex-boyfriend Dathan calls him a, "Buck Foy," a play on the phrase "Fuck Boy."

As Used by Characters[]