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Cutie Cutie Cupcake's birthday


I notice that Cutie Cutie Cupcake has a very specific birthday. Where do we learn this? I re-watched the one episode in which she appears, "The Amelia Earhart Story," looking for a reference to this birthday. But I found no reference to either her age or her birthday.

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• 2/6/2019

i am sad.

I feel like crying today but I've become completely numb to Free Churro after watching it about 100 times. Can someone give me an episode to watch.

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• 11/25/2018

Wiki Editing Question and Season 6 Predictions.

I'm bored, so I have been editing the wiki and thinking about this show a lot.

Wiki editing: How do you remove categories? Hollyhock isn't a main character anymore.

Predictions: I feel like Diane will play less of a role in Season 6. It's implied that she might die from a car accident but I feel she might just leave the main cast for a while. She'll leave GirlCroosh because she wants to change something, and not just write something controversial that gets dismissed and unchanging.

The writers really need to up their game on season 6, because I'm not sure if there will be a seventh one. Unless BoJack drags on his problems after the final episode, it feels like season 6 will be a climax point that ends the story. I dunno, I know nothing about good writing.

Thoughts? (If you have any).

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• 10/9/2018

Did anyone else get dressed from the drug induced dream in season 1 episode 11

I am messed up. All I want is a fan fiction where Bojack has a happy life with Charlotte so I can have positive closure.

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• 9/23/2018

When does Bojack meet Diane?

Do they meet at the quincenera or do they meet at the halloween party? I always assumed they first met at the quincenera that Tod throws in the first episode (hopefully there’s a thread about that because wtf) but then in season five the meet for the first time again at Bojack’s annual halloween party. It would make total sense that Bojack wouldn’t remember meeting her but surely Diane would have remembered at least one of those times?? So it begs the question, which happened first? And if they met at the halloween party then holy shit that adds a new shade to the shitiness of Diane, you pretended not to know Bojack? Why? The same reason you lied to him about being close to your father? To write your book and seel copies and ‘change’ things? To ‘make a difference’? (Sorry I hate Diane). But seriously though when do they first meet which happened first?
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• 7/28/2018
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• 3/28/2018

Why does nobody hate Diane?

This is something that personally fascinates me about the show, the amount of people who make excuses for Diane's character. I know that she's not necessarily an outright badly written character, and actually has a ton of depth to her, but she just has an absolutely awful personality.

She's selfish, entitled and completely unappreciative. She doesn't care about her husband AT ALL. She's treated Bojack like crap on multiple occasions and never apologised, then has the nerve to tear into him at the slightest mishap. She outright supports abortion and encourages abortion, as if killing babies somehow empowers Women. She has a fantastic, high-paying, enjoyable career yet she still thinks society is against her. She literally blames EVERYTHING she does on someone else. I'm sorry, but she is a genuinely awful Human being. I get that it's part of her character, and part of the shows' over-arching themes as well, but what I find ridiculous is that people are quick to criticise Bojack and Mr Peanutbutter, but leave her out as if she's some sort of saint. In my opinion, Mr Peanutbutter deserves a much better wife than her because she's just AWFUL.
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• 10/17/2017

[Spoilers] 25 Facts About Bojack Horseman
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• 9/26/2017

Question about season 4 episode 5

Okay, so I've finished season 4 and there's something that i've been wondering for a bit. In Thoughts and Prayers episode 5, when Beatrice (Bojack's mother) melts down and panics from seeing Bojack and Hollyhock try to reanact a horsin' around episode, does that have any sort of meaning behind it? Because a lot of Beatrice's dialogue and actions alluded to and foreshadowed her past which is revealed in episode 11 Time's Arrow. But her behavior at the end of episode 5 doesn't seem to have any explanation behind it.

Do you guys have any thoughts?
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• 9/19/2017

Will there be a season 5?

Do you think there will be a season 5 which could be a way to end the series?
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• 9/12/2017

Sara Lynns birthday?

Can anyone pinpoint her birtday for me. i ahve it pegged in early march. cuz she odd a day or 2 after the real life 10th season. of te voice came out. So if you reference that you can almost get it but its tricky with it being on an odd February month.
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• 9/10/2017


The cameos in this show are crazy! So far I've heard Lin-Manuel Miranda, Keith Olbermann, Harvey Fierstein and Adam Conover and Kathy Najimy.
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• 11/13/2016

Is it just me...

or does Diane have the longest neck ever?
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• 10/31/2016

What's the best quote from BoJack?

"It's so cruel to let people love you. All you're doing is promising you'll one day break their hearts."
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• 10/31/2016

Season 4

Any idea when the new season will start?
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